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Captain Fine goes into politics

Hey ho, folks! Captain Fine himself, Chris Pine, has just starred in possible the greatest political ad of the last twenty years, "Leonard". In it he plays a guy who's basically... well, I'll let you find out. It's funny as hell, and Chris's performance is a manic masterpiece.

Trust me.

Leonard - starring Chris Pine


Bryan Fuller is stepping back from the showrunner role of CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery” as he juggles production responsibilities on two other series, Variety has learned exclusively.

The decision was made late last week to hand the day-to-day showrunning reins to “Star Trek” exec producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts as “Discovery” gears up for the start of filming next month and a May 2017 premiere date. Fuller, who will remain an executive producer, will still be involved in breaking stories, and the show will continue to follow his vision for the universe that this latest “Trek” series will inhabit. Writer-director Akiva Goldsman is also expected to join “Discovery” in a top creative role. He’s envisioned as serving as producing support for Berg and Harberts, Fuller and exec producer Alex Kurtzman as they juggle the demands of the series that CBS is counting on to be the marquee selling point for subscriptions to its CBS All Access SVOD service.

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Sorce: Variety

50 years! PARTY POST!

On 8th September, 1966, the first episode of the Original Series, "Man Trap" aired on NBC from 8.30-9.30pm.

That was 50 years ago, and an apparently dead series by season 2, made it to half a century, spawning movies, novels, other TV series, other movies, fanzines, fanfiction, and historically the birth of slash.

I was an 80's baby, so my Trek was The Next Generation where I worshipped Picard and Data, but it wasn't until the 2009 reboot movie that I delved into everything Star Trek, including the TOS, all the movies, books and cosplay and I lay all the blame on ONTD_startrek and all it's GQMF's.

To celebrate this historical day (even if in a sad year for the Trek family), please feel free to comment on this post, share memories, meetups, encounters, anedoctes, and post a hell of a lot. A lot of websites will be celebrating this phenomenal birthday, so please share anything you might see. I'll be at hand to aprove posts. (please remember to build up a post, don't just sent in a link).

In Portugal, every first theatrical session of Star Trek Beyond will be free tomorrow, as a way to celebrate. I'll try to catch one if I can. Is your country/city/state doing something?

Live long and prosper, fellow Trekkies.


Looking for something new to hang on your tree this year? Hallmark's got you covered:

Hallmark has announced their new line of Christmas ornaments, including the one that depicts Kirk being attacked by the Salt Monster.

Hallmark says the Keepsake ornaments are designed to "help people capture memories and turn the Christmas tree into a holiday experience the whole family will enjoy." If your whole family enjoys looking at a Starfleet captain subjected to unimaginable pain by a ruthless alien, I want to come to your house for the holidays.



Party Post: Rihanna's Sledgehammer

Here is Rihanna's song from Star Trek Beyond.

I thought this would be a good lede to take us into a party post, where we can celebrate and reminisce, the new Trek to come, and the good ole times of GQMF's, the good times and the sad. Bring all your GIFs and sparkle text and...

star trek punch it photo: Punch It punchit.gif
star trek cumberbatch photo: star trek into darkness benedict cumberbatch khandance_zps78fe34eb.gif

More tweets for Anton <3

Hey everyone. ♥ I know it's been more than awhile since I've posted anything, but I'm still around. I know that tokyo_pt already posted some of the cast's tweets for Anton, but I wanted to post a few others. Here they are. (And again, feel free to post others in the comments.)

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I was pondering doing a party post to honour his life. We haven't done one here in a long, long time! Any thoughts? Should I wait?

Anton Yelchin: Trek friends share memories

Zachary Quinto

John Cho

Karl Urban

Bryan Fuller

William Shatner

JJ Abrams

Please feel free to add other tweets in the comments. :(

Anton Yelchin has died at 27

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Anton Yelchin, a rising actor best known for playing Chekov in the new "Star Trek" films, was killed by his own car as it rolled backward down his driveway early Sunday, police and his publicist said.

The car pinned Yelchin, 27, against a brick mailbox pillar and a security fence at his home in Studio City, according to Los Angeles police Officer Jenny Hosier. He had gotten out of the vehicle momentarily, but police did not say why he was behind it when it started rolling.

Yelchin was on his way to meet friends for a rehearsal, Hosier said. When he didn't show up, the group came to his home and found him dead.

The freak accident tragically cuts short the promising career of an actor whom audiences were still getting to know.

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The actor's publicist, Jennifer Allen, confirmed his death and said his family requests privacy.


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