The Church of Roryology (eclecticmuse) wrote in ontd_startrek,
The Church of Roryology


Unsure if the mods will let this through but I saw someone suggest it in the trailer post so I thought I would give it a shot. I even made a purty graphic for it

ZOMG GUYS! NEW TRAILER! NEW FOOTAGE! NEW VILLAIN! NEW ERRYTHANG! We have a lot to cheer and celebrate about. Sooooo let out all your feels and emotions here, discuss the trailer even more, nitpick it to death, make gifs and macros and shit, SPAM gifs and macros, destroy my inbox, etc! Summon up all the nostalgia of three years ago holy crap and let's party like it's 2009 and the last move just came out!

dragging out my old Karl Urban-dancing-with-an action-figure-of-Bones icon for this
Tags: lens flare, party posts, star trek xii: into darkness, star trek xii: the wait ends, this is a takeover
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