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ontd_startrek: A Walk Down Memory Lane! :D


First of all, I used to be 'peacock', in case anyone was wondering who the hell this random mod-person was.

I just want to say, it is AMAZING to see a lot of comments on the trailer post, and faces old and new. The Summer of '09 seems like such a long time ago, the days of constant spamming, walking posts, sparkle text, and party posts. I really hope, despite the fact that fandom is fractured all over Twitter, Tumblr, Dreamwidth, that we can see in some of the good times we had here, once again, when STXII comes out.

So, in the spirit of starting debate/discussion/chatter, here are some of my favourite posts over the years! :D I hope they bring you some happy/amusing/eye-rolling memories. Feel free to add your own in comments, and I'll add them to the list, or if you're new to the comm, introduce yourself! Hell, do anything you want in comments. Tell us what you've been up to since 2009, what new fandoms you're in, what's happened in your life. I often wonder about some of the names I used to see a lot around here, so say hi if you're still out there!

A List Of Previous ontd_startrek Awesomeness: From The Sublime To The Awful To The Ridiculous!

  • You Might Be A GQMF If ...you're a member of this comm. But many other awesome reasons!
  • An entire post dedicated to THE BULGE! Self-explanatory. Mmm.
  • Oh, just that time ZQ acknowleged our existence... and we raised $17k for Haiti!
  • Spork: An Erotic Love Story, aka, the Star Trek audiobook edited to make it sound like Kirk and Spock are fucking. :D
  • The GQMF Dictionary: Our very own Urban Dictionary of sorts!
  • Chris talks about his penis. Community explodes.
  • A Pinto Walking Post (images sadly down) that got over 1,000 comments of squee. You guys. ♥
  • If Star Trek Characters Were Food... (I said there'd be some ridiculous!)
  • A Chris Pine Fashion Post! Ah, memories. And judging. Lots of that.
  • The Terran Empire Takeover, AKA, the time we made a lot of people very angry because they thought the community had been hacked, but then it turned into an awesome week where everyone's icons had a mirrorverse beard. (Here's the infamous collage of you all, which still makes me smile!) I'm still personally sorry for the confusion, but the comments and pictures that are still up are an amazing walk down memory lane. And illustrate everyone's talent at drawing on beards with eyeliner. Good job. :D
  • starlady42's awesome Character Appreciation posts!
  • The incredible Starfleet Academy week, where we high-tailed our asses to enlist, and learned about Xenomusicology, Fencing, Engineering, and graduated with a nify certificate!
  • Not something we're proud of, but as a part of our history for newbies, the post that created the now infamous Worst Post Ever tag, where people hated Olivia, people hated people hating Olivia, Pinto died, arguments were had, and we generally all agreed that it was a terrible day all round. Rest in pieces, worst post ever. Worth remembering all the same. If only so we don't do it again. D:
  • The originator of our most used party-post macro of ALL TIME. We salute you. *raises flag*
  • Your GQMF Cast: Before They Were Famous. Horrors lie within. Be careful.
  • Our first ever ANARCHY DAY!, wherein posting limits were lifted, and you bastards spammed us 260 times, with fics, macros, discussion, and classic entries like 'If You Were A Vegetable, What Would You Be?' Might not want to click unless your computer can handle it!

    I've broken my brain going through the memories of 2009, and my computer cannae handle it any more, Captain! So feel free to add any more posts you have bookmarked in the comments.

    And remember: 161 days until the movie comes out. Or 23 weeks if that's easier to stomach! :D

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