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New Image From Star Trek Into Darkness Features Cumberbatch Villain w/ Kirk & Spock

Paramount has just released a new image from Star Trek Into Darkness. This wasn’t in the trailer and it features Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and a certain Mr. Cumberbatch. The image will certainly re-ignite the “who is  the villain?” debate. Check it out below.


Check out the brand new image from Star Trek Into Darkness (click to enlarge).


The new shot is not something from the ‘announcement’ trailer released last week nor will it be seen in the 9-min preview showing with Hobbit IMAX, but it might be from the ‘teaser’ trailer which comes out with the (non-IMAX) The Hobbit this weekend.

Quick thoughts:

  • Cumberbatch is seen in what is apparently the brig (not seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie)

  • Cumberbatch doesn’t seem all that maniacal/angry about it

  • They are separated by glass (like what was seen in Japanese trailer)

  • Cumberbatch is clearly wearing a Starfleet uniform

So now who do you think the villain is?


Tags: star trek xii: into darkness, star trek xii: the wait ends
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