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Help a redshirt out?

Hey, folks!

'Tis the seasons for jollity, gift-giving, decorating the bridge with sundry evergreens from different planets and...trying desperately to keep the lights on. So the good mods here have graciously allowed me to make this post.

This year has been pretty hard at Casa Lemongrass (which details you can read about here if you're so inclined), so I'm holding an internet garage sale. Included in the items at this post here are a couple of goodies that may be of interest to the wondrous minions of ontd_startrek. (Scroll down to the section "Other Fandom Items".) They are three STAR TREK t-shirts produced by Teefury, the awesome "One T shirt a day" producer of fandom shirts. The ones I've got are a design I call "Blast The Redshirt", which was produced around the time the first new ST film premiered in 2009. It's in a funny, funky pseudo-50's Jetson-y style, really cute. (Pics at the above post so you see for yourself.)

I have two Women's Medium in white, and one Men's Large in light gold. The material is quite soft and yummy, and they are completely mint condition - I just opened the mailing wrapper a couple of days ago to photograph the shirts. If you're interested, and you'd like to help a redshirt keep the lights on (seriously, I'm sitting here in a red sweatshirt) before having to resort to heating rocks with my phaser, feel free to hie yourself over to my LJ and pick one up.

The other t-shirt is unique. Remember those awesome ontd_st macros? (Link to my post because I couldn't find them here.) Well, I had a shirt made up for myself at Kinko's in 2009 with the McCoy macro on the back, but I never wore it. It's a size M (38-40) and it cost me $25, but I'll take $10 for it if anyone wants it (plus shipping; I'll need to know your zip code so I can calculate that for you). This one's only on offer here because I figure it's on ontd thing - others just wouldn't understand.

You should have seen the woman's face who took my order at Kinko's. HA.

This shirt has been SOLD to tprillahfiction. But the Teefury shirts at my selling post are still available!

If you want it, just comment below and I'll give you my Paypal address. Also, if any of you are interested but aren't comfortable with the idea of buying directly from me (either this or the shirts at my LJ), I'll be glad to open a Buy It Now at eBay for you so you can have the protection of their guarantees, no problem. Just let me know. :)

So thanks to the mods for letting me post this, thanks to the community for being a fun place, and blessing of the holidays to one and all!


Mods, I don't know what tags work for this post, so feel free to tag it as you see fit.
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