Carolina (tokyo_pt) wrote in ontd_startrek,

Party Post: Rihanna's Sledgehammer

Here is Rihanna's song from Star Trek Beyond.

I thought this would be a good lede to take us into a party post, where we can celebrate and reminisce, the new Trek to come, and the good ole times of GQMF's, the good times and the sad. Bring all your GIFs and sparkle text and...

star trek punch it photo: Punch It punchit.gif
star trek cumberbatch photo: star trek into darkness benedict cumberbatch khandance_zps78fe34eb.gif
Tags: party posts
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Yeah, Karl. It really is awesome.


Can't wait to see these two muthafuckers in action. All the McKirk luv.


Yep. Want it now.

Fondest Memories.

I'm so obsessed with this song right now.

What's this I hear about a party post?
 photo leoglasovershoulder_zpsce1faff1.gif
Hey, it's been awhile.
 photo Picard wave_zpssfnivrua.gif

 photo tribbledancegif_zps0f1af439.gif
I like the end of that music vid.

And thank you all for the gif(t)s above. :p

Dancing to the music.

Oh Party Posts how I missed you.
I have so many lovely memories of party posts. I get very nostalgic sometimes.