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Your daily Zachary and Noah Quinto walking post aka Holy Bulge Batman!

Zachary Quinto takes his dog Noah, an Irish Wolfhound/Airedale Terrier, for a walk near his house in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 14)

And for the Zachary Quinto walking post checklist, let's see what we have today!

Converse? CHECK!
Sunglasses? CHECK!
Tight Jeans? CHECK!
Tight Shirt? CHECK!
Nomable Biceps? CHECK!
Bulge? CHECK!
Noah? CHECK!
Fug Hat? CHEC......WAIT WUT???
Camo Hat? CHECK!

Thanks to ajk and chiare for the GQMF macro for the baddest bitch in all the land Noah!

I seriously need a Noah icon for these posts? Can one of you GQMFs make me a Noah or Walking Post icon??

Daddy!Sylar thanks you for your time

Tags: walking post, zach quinto/spock
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