It's a Good Day (recumbentgoat) wrote in ontd_startrek,
It's a Good Day

Random Leonard Nimoy at Museum of Science

Back in the mid-80s, the Boston Museum of Science had an Omni/IMAX theater that played this introduction to every movie in order to show off its sound system. The woman narrator is incredibly perky and annoying.

BUT! There is LEONARD NIMOY!!! Which is why I'm sharing. This isn't my video, I just found it when I was googling for the audio of this.

First, Leonard Nimoy at 1:00

Secondly (AND MOST AWESOMELY!!!) Who Put the Bomp? at 1:17

And finally, just a tiny bit at 3:13

Untitled from Recumbent Goat on Vimeo.

Tags: leonard nimoy/spock, tos
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