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Here's what mine looks like:


HERE, BBSCollapse )


It has been brought to my attention that quite a few people at this community are not just fans of the GQMFs, but fans of other (possibly honorary?) GQMFs in other countries.

Like Japan.

YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You're the ones posting with J-drama-themed icons and making references to Nobuta wa Produce in comment threads. You're the ones who actually recognize the Japanese people that our GQMFs are seen with. You're the ones who'll notice anime characters hanging around in con footage.

...okay, maybe that was just me. (I found a photo on deviantart of Karl Urban saluting with a Hetalia cosplayer! WOO!)

So this is officially a post to SPAZZ ABOUT JAPAN AND ITS PEOPLE.

Theorize on what the heck Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac is gonna be like on screen (and wonder if Anton speaks Japanese well)!

Theorize on who might be involved in the Japanese dub of our beloved movie!

Introduce the rest of us to your favorite Japanese actors, singers, whatever!

Post pictures of cosplays you wore at GQMF-influenced cons! (I am determined to figure out whose Tensa Zangetsu that Karl Urban was swinging around in that video a few days back.)

Post pictures of cosplays in general!

...and if all else fails, we can talk about the resident Asian GQMF John Cho. He counts. (Though I think he's Korean.)
Or George Takei.
Heck, we could even talk about Masi Oka. 

And now, because I can only do this on Anarchy Day...

Time to play the Lensflare Counting Game!

I've found a ten year old Japanese music video that seems to condense all of JJ's lensflare usage into four minutes. (As in, I think it might have as much lensflare as Star Trek. In four minutes. Yeah.) I challenge everyone to try and figure out just how much lensflare is in this motherlovin' video!

Actual video under the cut to save space and avoid annoying the non-participantsCollapse )



Bright lights and music

I've been a bit shy around here, but this post is totally relevant to our interests (I hope!), even if there aren't actually any GQMFs under here.Collapse )

EDIT: You guys are awesome! I'd like to reply to every one of you, but it's 3 in the morning here now, and I should probably go to sleep some time soon. I ♥ this community!
Monday Night Baking Post!


It's bright under here you guys. WARNING.Collapse )

Next week: Starfleet Insignia Cake! For my BB hook_and_line! Keep posting ideas! And mods... could we please get a crafts or a baking post tag? I think it'd be helpful, there are a lot of craft filled posts!


Hey GQs! We (darlingbluewind and I) have become so full of GQ that we needed to PHOTOGRAPH IT. And then PHOTOSHOP some more GQ lens flares into the PHOTOGRAPH YES YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE JEALOUS. Not only that, BUT we were photoshopped in our star fleet ~identities~



Okay, I've been putting off posting this forever now, I think because I'm intimidated by all the awesome coming out of this comm. But this must be shared!

You see, I can't eat wheat right now, and I have a really big sweet tooth, so I decided to make meringues. They're actually really easy to make and also DELICIOUS. And while I was spooning them in boring, ordinary blobs onto the cookie sheets, I thought, "What if...?"

And that was how I wound up making a piping bag out of a ziploc bag and making a GQMFing STARFLEET INSIGNIA meringue. And also, because how could I not, a LENSFLARE. Then, the next day, I made lemon curd using the yolks from the eggs so I could have lemon meringues (without the "pie" part) and also so I could make it look like the insignia was on Kirk's chest. :D

more pics (before and after baking) + GQ RECIPE under the cut!Collapse )
I hope you enjoyed my adventure into GQMF baking! I had seen all the ST waffles and pancakes and cakes and cupcakes on this comm and was kind of envious... :P

PS: I heart you guys!! ♥♥♥


Marvel + DC + Star Trek = WIN!

My first post in this community. YEY!

Moving on, I don't believe this was posted yet, but this is a video of DC and Marvel action figures doing their own version of Star Trek. It's pretty flippin' awesome.

Batman = Spock
Spider-Man = Kirk
Wolverine = Bones
Alfred = Sarek
Lex Luthor = Nero
Deadpool = Scotty
Wonder Woman = Uhura
Superman = Pike

I counted the goddamn lens flares

As I was seeing Star Trek for the fourth time tonight (holler at my new Seattle/Vancouver/Portland buddies!) I decided to do the impossible; I decided to count the lens flares.

So how many did I count?

My brain actually started to hurt when they were on the EnterpriseCollapse )


Devil in the Dark LOLTASTIC TIME!

I decided to pop into my local Oxfam bookstore on my way home from work to see if they had any Star Trek books. This was a bad idea for my mind and my wallet (but a good idea for me giving money to charity! Yay!) Anyway, I ended up with these:


To be fair, I had wanted to buy the Shatner book for a while now. And I used to read Star Trek books all the time. Just from the library. I never actually owned any...As you can see, Mini!Kirk and Mini!Spock approve of my purchases. They got friendly earlier:

Why helloCollapse )

Anyhoo, the Devil in the Dark photo book may be one of the crackiest things I have ever bought. And all it cost me was 2 shiny pounds! I have scanned in some choice selections for your viewing pleasure. Because they make me laugh. And I have spent a while doing this (I am also working on the London meet up post, ontd_startrek London Meet people!), LJ-cuts are making my brain hurt, but believe me, this is worth it :D

The Devil in The Dark...Collapse )

And for added fun:

He's got GUTS!Collapse )

But most importantly:


We all know why the movie was good.

I'm sure most of all of you have seen this chart.

However, I believe this chart to be inaccurate. So I fixed it.



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