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How the Battle Over ‘Star Trek’ Rights Killed J.J. Abrams’ Grand Ambitions

The franchise's licensing and merchandising rights are split between CBS and Paramount which created headaches for the multihyphenate's production company Bad Robot

A struggle over the U.S.S. Enterprise's past and future helped sour J.J. Abrams on the "Star Trek" franchise and may have contributed to his decision to take on the "Star Wars" universe.

Competing ambitions between Paramount, CBS and Abrams' production company Bad Robot over merchandising surrounding the first film in the rebooted "Star Trek" franchise led the director to curtail plans to turn the series into a multi-platform experience that spanned television, digital entertainment and comic books, according to an individual with knowledge of the dispute.

"J.J. just threw up his hands," the individual told TheWrap. "The message was, 'Why set up all this when we'll just be competing against ourselves?' The studio wanted to please Bad Robot, but it was allowing CBS to say yay or nay when it came to what was happening with the 'Star Trek' products."

"Star Trek Into Darkness" arrives in U.S. multiplexes Thursday with tie-ins ranging from Bing to Hasbro. It is expected to gross more than $100 million at the domestic box office over the extended weekend.

Yet this marketing assault pales compared to the one that Abrams (above) and Bad Robot once envisioned for "Star Trek" and now plan to construct around the new "Star Wars" films.

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Source: The Wrap (heads-up by angelbase)

This is very interesting. Beside the lousy marketing (which can be a matter or opinion... or maybe not), I was really surprised by the lack of merchandise. Two months ago I headed over to a local ToysRUs, they didn't have anything, so I actually had to google for it, only to read in some forum that there would be NO merchandise for Star Trek Into Darkness. Not only was I very, very surprised (I really wanted a John Harrison doll... for reasons), it also sort of rang of a future now announced. Thoughts? Did you look for STID merchadise?

So these are some things that have been gathering dust in favourite folders on my computer that I have been meaning to post here, so may as well do it now.

The first is an interview with the conductor who has worked with Michael Giacchino since forever. Giacchino himself doesn't actually appear, but it's a really interesting piece.

How Star Trek Into Darkness' Epic Score Came To Life

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I swear I'm not a hoarder...

STID Soundtrack Details

HQ version: Cicky CD CD Vinyl

Listen to 30 second samples HERE, but be warned that while some of the titles are wonderfully witty, they do contain spoilers!

The A-Z Of Star Trek comes with three official free gifts: a Starfleet insignia badge, an A2 Into Darkness poster, and a print based on the classic 1967 episode “Mirror, Mirror”.

The 124-page magazine is split into 26 sections (such as “N is for Next Generation” and “E is for Enterprise”). Covering every TV series and movie, it’s the ultimate guide to 47 years of the franchise.

Cost me about €12, but looked pretty good from the cursory glance I gave it last night. And I'm waering the badge right now. :-D

JJ Abrams: Star Wars a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'

Not too much Trek in the written side of it, but I haven't watched the video yet.

Star Trek: The Video Game gameplay videos

TrekCore have four videos, and they look pretty good to me. Be warned though, this four videos are about 15 to 20 minutes long! But the Kirk/Spock banter is great, so it's all good. I've heard Old Man Giacchino has composed the score for this, which I hope is true. It's where he started out in the business (his first was for the The Lost World: Jurassic Park game). If it is true, I hope they release the score. Having two Giacchino Trek scores in a year would be awesome!

Other three videos here:

Empire Magazine's fold-out STID cover

The front cover of Empire's May issue is boldly going where very few covers have gone before. In publishing's answer to Project Genesis, it has expanded across three whole pages of cover to accommodate Star Trek Into Darkness's full complement in a gatefold that lays out the full majesty of J.J. Abrams' world.

I genuinely believe that this has put the latest poster TO SHAME.


Full size picture:

ontd_st exclusive: Video Game news

Hi All! I was lucky enough to go to a presentation by Brian Miller (Paramount Senior VP) on the new Star Trek Video Game last night at the London Science Museum. A lot more info was released - as well as a live demo and the chance to play. I took some (spoilery!) notes, so find them and some pics behind the cut.

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First time posting on LJ in forever, so please excuse any mistakes!
Text source: me and my notepad
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Well, that settles it. I am downloading all my textbooks as ebooks for next semester.

The magazine site:

Facebook page:

Looks like they will only be dealing with ships from the "Prime" universe, so no JJ Enterprise, but I think they're just cowardly and won't admit that they can't make one of the Narada... XD Ships from all five TV shows will be included in the set though. Which means this is going to go on FOREVER. And then some. Only UK and Ireland are scheduled to get this for now, but they seem to be working with CBS on getting a license for international sales (US and Canada, par example).

I'm not surprised that this is coming, especially after the two Star Wars ones. I'm just surprised that it has taken them this long.

Vintage toys!

Photos of Star Trek stuff from the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore, which I visited ages ago.

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