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Once again our friends at the TrekDocs account on Twitter have revealed an interesting document from their Trek archive. This time it comes in the form of a 1990 memo from Star Trek: The Next Generation showrunner Michael Piller to executive producer Rick Berman, who at the time had the final say on what got on the air for Star Trek. The memo covered possible episodes for the second half of the fourth season of TNG. It briefly discusses progress on a couple of ideas that eventually became “Qpid” and “Devil’s Due,” but the main thrust of the memo was an interesting new pitch from Piller.

A return to the ‘Action’

Dated October 17, 1990, Michael Piller’s memo to Rick Berman is titled “HIGH CONCEPT.” Here is Piller’s opening teaser pitch for his new episode idea:

We’re in space… an unidentified ship confronts us, it appears an old starship. The voice on the audio channel identifies himself as Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise. End of tease.

Piller goes on to describe the episode as a “return to the planet” (Sigma Iotia II) from the classic original Star Trek episode “A Piece of the Action,” which is the one where Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise find a society that had molded itself on a book about Chicago gangsters, left behind by a Starfleet vessel a century before.


Nerdist Imagines Tarantino's Star Trek

In new video posted Tuesday, Nerdist has created a fake trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek: Voyage to Vengeance, which expertly culls clips from classic Star Trek episodes and edits them in a way to mimic the style of the famed director. To begin with, the video plays throughout like one of Tarantino’s fake trailers that played along with his and fellow director Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse movies, complete with jumping frames and a scratched print look. Lucky for Nerdist, since the Star Trek episodes are from the late 1960s, no further visual alterations were made to give the trailer a vintage look.

Leave it to Quentin Tarantino to drop one last major bombshell right before the end of the year. Movie lovers were likely shocked to learn that Tarantino was in talks to direct a Star Trek movie with the full authority of Paramount and J.J. Abrams behind him. Last month, it was reported that Tarantino had pitched an idea for a Star Trek movie to Abrams and the studio, but that he wouldn't be writing the script. Now the project seems to be moving forward, as a writers room has assembled and now Mark L. Smith, the writer of The Revenant, has been selected to pen the screenplay.

Paramount has chosen Mark L. Smith to write up Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek movie. Smith was a part of a writers room that included Megan Amram, Lindsey Beer and Drew Pearce to workshop Tarantino's idea with the acclaimed director. According to Deadline, Smith was reportedly the frontrunner for the gig and he has now reached a deal with Paramount. The writer caught the attention of J.J. Abrams and Paramount after his work on the screenplay for Overlord, an upcoming Bad Robot-produced WWII thriller about two American soldiers caught behind enemy lines on D-Day. Smith will write up the Star Trek script based on an idea from Tarantino, which could be a feature-length adaptation of a classic Star Trek episode.

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Not sure if it's the right tag, but it was the only one I could find that might fit.


Star Trek: Enterprise ended its four season run in 2005 with what is considered to be the most controversial finale among all of the Trek TV shows. Fans were none too happy with how those behind the show decided to end the series, and they have made sure to let everyone know that in the time since Enterprise ended. Series co-creator Brannon Braga recently spoke out about the finale, and how he feels about it all these years later.

I thought it was the coolest thing ever when we were writing it, the idea of doing a 'lost episode' of The Next Generation, but they're going to the holodeck to look back at Enterprise, Rick and I thought was a great sendoff to Star Trek [the franchise as it existed in 2005], and it didn't work out so well...It was a kind of a slap in the face to the Enterprise actors. I heard it from everybody, it was the only time Scott Bakula was ever mean to me. I regret it.

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Note to the Mod(s) this is my first post here so if anything is wrong please let me know s I can fix it.


Captain Fine goes into politics

Hey ho, folks! Captain Fine himself, Chris Pine, has just starred in possible the greatest political ad of the last twenty years, "Leonard". In it he plays a guy who's basically... well, I'll let you find out. It's funny as hell, and Chris's performance is a manic masterpiece.

Trust me.

Leonard - starring Chris Pine


Bryan Fuller is stepping back from the showrunner role of CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery” as he juggles production responsibilities on two other series, Variety has learned exclusively.

The decision was made late last week to hand the day-to-day showrunning reins to “Star Trek” exec producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts as “Discovery” gears up for the start of filming next month and a May 2017 premiere date. Fuller, who will remain an executive producer, will still be involved in breaking stories, and the show will continue to follow his vision for the universe that this latest “Trek” series will inhabit. Writer-director Akiva Goldsman is also expected to join “Discovery” in a top creative role. He’s envisioned as serving as producing support for Berg and Harberts, Fuller and exec producer Alex Kurtzman as they juggle the demands of the series that CBS is counting on to be the marquee selling point for subscriptions to its CBS All Access SVOD service.

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Sorce: Variety

50 years! PARTY POST!

On 8th September, 1966, the first episode of the Original Series, "Man Trap" aired on NBC from 8.30-9.30pm.

That was 50 years ago, and an apparently dead series by season 2, made it to half a century, spawning movies, novels, other TV series, other movies, fanzines, fanfiction, and historically the birth of slash.

I was an 80's baby, so my Trek was The Next Generation where I worshipped Picard and Data, but it wasn't until the 2009 reboot movie that I delved into everything Star Trek, including the TOS, all the movies, books and cosplay and I lay all the blame on ONTD_startrek and all it's GQMF's.

To celebrate this historical day (even if in a sad year for the Trek family), please feel free to comment on this post, share memories, meetups, encounters, anedoctes, and post a hell of a lot. A lot of websites will be celebrating this phenomenal birthday, so please share anything you might see. I'll be at hand to aprove posts. (please remember to build up a post, don't just sent in a link).

In Portugal, every first theatrical session of Star Trek Beyond will be free tomorrow, as a way to celebrate. I'll try to catch one if I can. Is your country/city/state doing something?

Live long and prosper, fellow Trekkies.


Looking for something new to hang on your tree this year? Hallmark's got you covered:

Hallmark has announced their new line of Christmas ornaments, including the one that depicts Kirk being attacked by the Salt Monster.

Hallmark says the Keepsake ornaments are designed to "help people capture memories and turn the Christmas tree into a holiday experience the whole family will enjoy." If your whole family enjoys looking at a Starfleet captain subjected to unimaginable pain by a ruthless alien, I want to come to your house for the holidays.



Party Post: Rihanna's Sledgehammer

Here is Rihanna's song from Star Trek Beyond.

I thought this would be a good lede to take us into a party post, where we can celebrate and reminisce, the new Trek to come, and the good ole times of GQMF's, the good times and the sad. Bring all your GIFs and sparkle text and...

star trek punch it photo: Punch It punchit.gif
star trek cumberbatch photo: star trek into darkness benedict cumberbatch khandance_zps78fe34eb.gif

More tweets for Anton <3

Hey everyone. ♥ I know it's been more than awhile since I've posted anything, but I'm still around. I know that tokyo_pt already posted some of the cast's tweets for Anton, but I wanted to post a few others. Here they are. (And again, feel free to post others in the comments.)

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This was the last photo posted on his Instagram...Collapse )

I was pondering doing a party post to honour his life. We haven't done one here in a long, long time! Any thoughts? Should I wait?

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