Still Waiting For My Jetpack (azewewish) wrote in ontd_startrek,
Still Waiting For My Jetpack

Geeking Out With Karl Heinz Urban At Comic Con

Okay, so, I was fortunate enough to work the press line for "Priest" during Comic Con, and was able to snag a few minutes of Karl's time to talk with him about Priest, Red, and New Zealand film. (I didn't ask him about the Dredd rumors because I didn't hear about it until much later that day, which is sort of a bummer, because I'm a huge Dredd fan, and that would have been a funny conversation. *g*)

Anyway, here are the video interviews I did with Karl, Maggie Q, and Cam Gigandet. Enjoy.

Try not to laugh too much about how geeky Karl & I both are about comics. *facepalm*

Tags: interviews, karl urban/mccoy/bones
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