Corpus Invictus (corpus_invictus) wrote in ontd_startrek,
Corpus Invictus

Dear mods: I hope this sort of post is allowed. Perhaps it can be used as a central, "Where do I find this GQMF article of clothing" masterpost? I'm sure there are other bits and pieces of clothing we'd love to find, yes?

Dear ONTD_startrek: I am having a conundrum. ZQ owns a shirt that I would also like to own, but I can't find the stupid thing anywhere. It is the red stripey shirt in this here photo.

I have checked American Apparel, the Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and a bunch of useless searches on eBay. Can anyone pinpoint where this came from? It just looks so comfy.

First person to find it gets a great big photo of internet cookies? Pretty please?
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