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Christopher Lloyd: Leonard Nimoy Returning To Fringe – Will Appear In Same Episode

"The weekend of October 22-24, Creation Entertainment held an Official Star Trek Convention in Rosemont (near Chicago), Illinois. Leonard Nimoy was not able to attend due to surgery, however he still made news via an announcement from Star Trek III actor Christopher Lloyd, who revealed Nimoy is returning to Fringe.

Lloyd Reveals Nimoy Returning to Fringe

One of the guests at the Star Trek convention in Chicago was actor Christopher Lloyd (Star Trek III Kruge & Back the the Future’s Doc Brown) whose varied characters were celebrated in a question and answer panel. A fellow fan asked Lloyd what it was like to work with Leonard Nimoy as a director on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Lloyd was very complimentary, discussing what a good artist and person Nimoy is and expressing his relief that it appears that Mr. Nimoy’s current medical situation isn’t too serious.

Lloyd then mentioned that he will be soon filming an episode of Fringe. Lloyd’s casting (in the tenth episode of the current season) as a musical icon and hero of Walter Bishop on Fringe was reported last week, and included in the latest TrekMovie Sci-Fi TV update. However, Lloyd then made some news, revealing that Leonard Nimoy would be joining him in the same episode of Fringe, reprising his role as William Bell. The audience, to say the least, was very enthusiastic about that information and it was exciting news generated at the convention.

Leonard Nimoy last appeared in May, in the the season two finale of Fringe, and at the time he stated it would be his last role, not only on Fringe, but as an actor. However, Nimoy has sometimes noted that he has learned to "never say never", so it appears (if his health allows) that he will be back on Fringe again."

SOURCE: http://trekmovie.com/2010/10/26/christopher-lloyd-leonard-nimoy-returning-to-fringe/

This is making me go all :DDDD right about now. <3
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