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Rosario Dawson is a not so secret Trekkie

I haven't seen this go up yet so was kind of excited to share it, 'cause it's ADORABLE:

Rosario Dawson's Star Trek dream.

Basically it's about how Rosario is a not-so-closet Trekkie and tried to play it cool being in Unstoppable with CFine. Totally thought I loved her enough already, but this makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Rosario Dawson would love a part in the forthcoming Star Trek sequel.The Seven Pounds actress, who next stars in nail-biting thriller Unstoppable alongside Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, is a big Trekkie.

"I love JJ Abrams, and I've got a petition on Twitter about maybe I could be in the next movie, like a Klingon or something - I could just make a noise or speak some Klingon... I would be happy, I would be very satisfied," she told Collider.

She has kept her love of Star Trek quiet from Chris, who played James T Kirk in 2009's Star Trek.

Rosario said: "I am a big Trekkie, which finally just got disclosed to Chris. I've been trying to play it really cool and I had been pretty good at hiding it from him.

"He clearly doesn't follow me on Twitter, because I'm pretty obvious about it.... I was trying to play it cool with him, but now the cat's out of the bag."

In Unstoppable, Chris plays a train conductor who has a frantic race against time to stop a runaway freight train carrying combustible liquids and poisonous gas before it wipes out the city.

Rosario, who plays a train despatcher in the film, said: "We would all call him Kirk behind his back and he really knew how to take those punches. That was what is so genius about him" .

:: Unstoppable opens in cinemas on November 26.

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