maverikwerewolf (maverikwerewolf) wrote in ontd_startrek,

Unstoppable (Chris Pine's newest movie) discussion

Hi, bbs! My Mom (who is also a lifelong Trekkie also crazy about Captain Fine although she doesn't hang out here) and I are really curious to know what you GQMFs think about Unstoppable before we try to watch it because we've sadly paid so much to see a lot of bombs lately.

Since I don't have an easy way of asking opinions like that, I thought that the idea of a big Unstoppable discussion might be fun for everyone! Include big sparkly spoiler warnings, though, since we don't want to upset anybody. :) I'm curious to know what the GQMFs think!

P.S.: Could someone tell me approximately how much screen time Captain Fine gets? I mean, like, in comparison to the other actors? Is he there that much, or is it mostly Denzel, as the ads imply? Mom wants to know.
Tags: chris pine/jim kirk
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