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Can you spot the GQMF? *will be spoiled by tags*


So my mom, my friend and I went to see A Life In The Theater tonight starring T.R. Knight and our very own Captain Picard, Sir Patrick Stewart.

The play was amazing and so funny and hearing Patrick Stewart say that he "wanted to kill the cunt" is probably the greatest moment of my life (also he was in his underwear like three times and let me tell you the Stewart!bulge is highly underrated in this world of Pines and Quintos). Mr. Stewart played an aging actor, Robert, who is trying to mentor a young actor, John (Knight), who has a chance to surpass him in success. At the beginning of the play John is very attentive to every word Robert says but as it progresses he begins to realize that his mentor doesn't really have a clue what he's talking about and has never known any real success himself.

I would suggest that any of you in the NYC area get right out to see it but sadly this was the last night of the show.

After the show T.R. was standing in the lobby accepting donations for a charity and my friend and I were planning just to say hi to him and leave because it was very cold and we didn't want to stand there for an hour just to be told Sir Patrick wouldn't be coming out but we were told by a woman selling merch that both stars would be signing autographs outside the stage door so we zipped up our coats and decided to face the cold.

After about 30 minutes of stage hands and other venue employees getting out hopes up they finally came out. Patrick Stewart of course went immediately to the other side of the crowd which resulted in that picture from before the cut that I accidentally took of the back of his head but T.R. came right to our side.

I know he's not technically a GQMF but he's got to be one of the nicest actors I've ever met. He missed my friend during his first run through the crowd because she's really short but just as he was about to head back inside he saw her and came over and apologized and gave her her autograph without her even having to yell to him or anything.


Sir Patrick finally came over to our side and was so nice and thanked everyone for coming and for their compliments. He's just so...awesome to talk to. In the literal sense. I was in awe.


And now I have this!

The end!
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