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'Kay So, I was, like, wondering about something...(Random, Spontaneous Discussions on stuff)

This is completely random and probably unnecessary. Sorry. 

So, on SyFy (blergh, I STILL hate that spelling), they're doing like an all-day marathon of Star Trek films: Wrath of Khan, Generations, and Search for Spock. 

I just had a thought: does any one else feel a little disappointed that Khan and Kirk never met face to face (as opposed to communicating through a screen) in some sort of final battle? 

I guess there wouldn't have been room for it in the movie. It was all about strategy and power play, not so much combat. It probably also would have been a cliche.   

"Wrath of Khan" was a great film, but I always wondered why they chose to never meet Kirk and Kahn together. 

Also: Montalbán!

P.P.S: I think the '80s were Shatner's best years. He had a bit of age to him, but it was like a fine wine type of aging. He was still kind of young and hip, but more matured. I want to be like him when I'm middle-aged. That, or Wil Wheton (Wheton is almost fucking forty, can you believe that?).  
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