Carolina (tokyo_pt) wrote in ontd_startrek,

Warning: Spoilers are officially ON

With the release of the movie in the last few countries and the release of the DVD, Star Trek Into Darkness is now officially everywhere and hard NOT to find a way to see it.

That being said, the spoiler warning policy has no longer any reason to be in effect.

I realize the spoiler policy was probably made obsolete after about a month after the UK release (FOUR MONTHS AGO), but I really wanted to respect even the minority who was restricted from access to the movie by crazy geographical/marketing reasons (been there, done that). And I gotta hand it to you all, you did amazing! Best community members ever, hell yeah!

In conclusion, dear members who haven't seen the movie (by choice or not) this community will now be spoilerific everywhere, including titles and body of posts NOT UNDER A CUT. Therefore if you wish to filter out this community now is the time to do so. Everyone else...

Tags: mod post
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