January 2nd, 2010

Enchanted LensFLARE

Party Post Recap!

Do you feel a sense of sadness? Like all your best biffles in the world have suddenly left you? Like your world was a big ball of crazy and now it's back to normal?

Well then... you, my friend, are a casualty of party posting.

This time around, we hit EXACTLY 10,000 comments... I think LJ was partying with us for 2010. (Usually we hit 10,003 or some other crazy number because we are so kick-ass we can stupify LJ into forgetting how to count.)

There was as usual, a lot of crazy, funny macros, but I'm naming this the "RDJ PARTAAAAAAY" cause, wow, there was a lot of that beautiful man, and I'm still feeling the effects of the pictures.

Use this post as a friending meme, find your new besties from the party post, post some macros you made for the occasion, basically just revel in the coolness that it ONTD_ST.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years, and that 2010 is better for you than 2009!



ENJOY THE LACK OF CAPTCHA, and let us know if this was your first party post, you Party Virgin!

Also: Sparkle text found here! http://simcatsubame.livejournal.com/ In case you didn't get the memo.
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ZQ and Tyler Go Walking!

ETA: Hi Tyler! *waves*

Zachary Quinto and his celebrity photographer pal Tyler Shields, dressed in his usual uniform, head to a delicious lunch at a pizza parlor in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (January 2).

Earlier in the morning, the 32-year-old Star Trek star was seen leaving his regular yoga class.

ZQ and TS were last spotted hanging out together during a Christmas Halloween party, where ZQ dressed up as a sexy skeleton.

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