January 5th, 2010

McCoy Morons

Kirk's TV Marathon - A Macro Story

HAI GUISE! I'm back at last with another macro story for you!

I really couldn't help making this. I saw a particular Trek screencap that reminded me of Doctor Who and because I started watching the show three weeks ago and love it to death this past week was DT's last episode as the Tenth Doctor, I think this crossover macro story is relevant, y/y? XD

It's storeh tiemz.

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George Takei's autobiography

Takei, G. (1994). To the stars: The autobiography of George Takei - Star Trek's Mr. Sulu. New York, NY: Pocket Books.

ISBN: 0-671-89008-5
(Again, I got this book through the Alameda County Library, where we may or may not have nuclear wessels.)

          George Takei's intelligence and academic background help make his autobiography a very engaging read. The "Thank You" section before the table of contents indicates that he had help writing the autobiography from people (staff at the Japanese American National Museum, Star Trek consultants, etc.), but I didn't find myself wishing that Takei ran this by an editor before publication. The only thing I can nitpick on is his tendency to start sentences with "And."
          This autobiography was published in 1994, a few years after the twenty-fifth anniversary of Star Trek's first airing and eleven years before Takei publicly came out in 2005. Since it was mentioned in 2005 that he had already been in a committed relationship with Brad Altman for the past 18 years, they were already together for about 7 years when this book came out. Altman is mentioned in the Thank You section:
"My special appreciation to journalist Brad Altman, who was indefatigable in providing advice and research assistance. Without the constancy of his support, this effort would have been less joyful."

          "Indefatigable." Proof that the TOS cast had fun with SAT-level words years before "moribund." I majored in Karl Urban Studies & Planning, with a minor in Political Science as an undergrad, so the chapters covering his involvement with politics and rapid transit warmed the cockles of my cold space-heart. Takei clearly had to consider those interested in his personal history (particularly his childhood spent at concentration camps) while writing this book.

What sorts of classes/projects can you sneak this piece of GQMFy publication into as a published/non-Wiki source?
- History classes about: WWII, Japanese-Americans, Los Angeles, television, strawberry farming in california (for realsies, babe)
- Political Science classes about: Asian-Americans (particularly Japanese-Americans), Los Angeles, rapid transit
- Ethnic Studies: Japanese-Americans, Los Angeles, inter-generational conflict
- Basically anything involving the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII, the portrayal of Asians in the media, actors publicly being against the Vietnam "Conflict", the intricacies of the Federal Communications Commission's "Equal Time" rule, and other things you could find relevant if you read the book.

There's way more information about Take on the Internet, compared to Whitney, so this post will focus on highlights. This book is 406 pages long, compared to Whitney's 195 pages. Less tl;dr reading can be found in the Wikipedia entry for this book. Collapse )
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Star Trek Nominated for PGA Award

Star Trek's JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof were nominated for the Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures.

Most important line from the article? This gem:

"The big surprise isn't just "District 9" making the cut, but "Star Trek." To say Sony Pictures and Paramount have a real shot of getting both pictures into Oscar's top ten now is a bit of an understatement."

To The Powers That Be, I say, MAKE IT SO.

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Poll: BB's, we forgot the biggest GQMF of all

Choose your starship wisely bb's....


I added the "Mirror Mirror" Enterprise because she was just too badass for words.
Poll #1507809 Which is your favorite Enterprise?

Which is your favorite Enterprise?

NCC-1701 (TOS)
ISS-1701 (Evil Enterprise from "Mirror,Mirror")
NCC-1701 A
NCC-1701 B
NCC-1701 C
NCC-1701 D
NCC-1701 E
NCC-1701 J
NX-01 (Enterprise tv show)
NCC-1701 (Star Trek 1X)

NOTE: Sorry mods about resubmitting this, I marked Enterprise D incorrectly and I had to fix it.
Awesome Kirk

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By the by, for folks *coughbesidesmyself* who watch pro wrestling *I know, I know, quit LOOKING at me like that!*

On WWE Raw on Monday, February 1st...

William Shatner will be the guest host!
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Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys

Is there a particular reason we have yet to discuss this GQMF series from the 90's?

Not only is the titular character, Captain Simian, very obviously an homage to Kirk, but the villain of the series is voiced by none other than Michael Dorn (ultimate Klingon GQMF). Also involved is the ever wonderful Malcolm McDowell (who we all know as "that jerk who killed Kirk in that crappy movie").

I mean all the episodes are definitely definitely based off a lot of Trek related stuff, but there are a number of running themes and characters that are just overt references. The best of which are the "Holo Boons", holographic baboons created by Dr. Splitz to test out the atmosphere of unknown planets. They are a parody of the redshirts from the original Star Trek series, and almost always get destroyed, usually in hilarious ways.

Also Captain Charlie's chair is exactly like Kirk's. Just look at this ape right here. He is totally GQ.

There are many full episodes (well, split in half episodes) on YouTube, and all of them are totally plump with Trek references.

I can't be the only one who watched this as a kid!

....I don't think any tags fit this
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Spock For President maybe? Or King Kirk?

I really do worry about the sanity of people sometimes.
I love Star Trek as much as the next person...but seriously.
The internet is full of some nutters.

I came across this article on blogspot which talks about
How the cast and characters of Star Trek
are reincarnations of crucial Historical figures!

Did you know that Leonard Nimoy is in fact the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?
Of course...how did I not figure that out myself

Or maybe
William Shatner is actually King Henry VI?!

OH WOW! It's all coming together now!
How did I not work this put for myself...sheer genius...GENIUS!
(If you can gather there is some slight sarcasm in that last sentence)

The best parts are under the cut and the whole article link
But you must read it
 It is absolutely bonkers...I dont even know...I cannot grasp the logic.

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It deserves a double facepalm FO SHO! 

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