January 6th, 2010

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Idk if our bbs are officially attending or not but THEY ARE NOMINATED.

Breakout Movie Actress Breakout Movie Actor Favourite Movie
Anna Kendrick
Emily Osment
Ginnifer Goodwin
Miley Cyrus
Zoe Saldana
Chris Pine
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Sam Worthington
Taylor Lautner
Zachary Quinto
The Hangover
Harry Potter and
the Half-Blood Prince
The Proposal
Star Trek

Discuss the nominees! The possible return of Pinto!? S/he wore WHAT? Plot Taylor Lautner's death Get emotional support if our bbs lose!

This is also the place to post any Red Carpet photos as they come in!
I'll try to keep the main post updated with all the pictures you guys post in the comments!
& In the event they don't attend, I have something planned :D

LIVESTREAM \http://www.atdhe.net/10028/watch-36th-annual-people-s-choice-awards

TY suave_badass

Post any Pinto Suit photos you have anyway!
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Zach strips down on Heroes. Again. Am I allowed to post about this?

I don't know if this is relevant, so feel free to reject. A Heroes recap from EW which pretty much summarizes everything that's going wrong.
"Zachary Quinto is great, but Sylar’s character arc is nonsensical and I get the vibe that Quinto is anxious to move on to bigger, better, Spockier things."
"Did you like having Sylar back to his old self? He had one line that seemed to sum up this season: 'Everybody’s got big plans for me. I think that’s all they have.'"

Well, now that Sylar is an epic slut (lol, jk, nothing that exciting is happening), he's taking his clothes of more. This episode came complete with horrendous lens flare failures at the opener (If there were a gif of JJ facepalming I would use it), the makings for a perfectly good porno with the cheerleader, and a woman running her fingers through Sylar's chest hair.


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Lulzy, Canon-Smashing Gold Key Comics!

From the source:
"Between 1967 and 1979, Gold Key published 61 STAR TREK comics. Today's fans often overlook these stories, forgetting that they are part of the STAR TREK universe. While far from canon for a number of reasons, these adventures are every bit as exciting and fascinating as their television counterpart."

SWEET GODDAMN, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN! This site (and these comics)are fantastically hilarious. I submit for your entertainment, Spock's "Psycho File"... (with bonus sneaky-slash!)

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And here concludes my way too long, way too manic presentation of Spock's Psycho-File from the Gold Key Star Trek comic series! If anyone wants, I can post our other favorite 'Fleetsters, or show you some of my favorite issues from this series. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the lulz :)
Also, if anyone has Tumblr-- I post this (and other Star Trek stuff) all. Frickin. Day. Seriously, I'm locked to a computer at work, this is what I do.

Mah Tumblog: The Lady is a Gent http://theladyisagent.tumblr.com/

Source! http://curtdanhauser.com/Main.html

PS: I hope my HTML isn't broken! I will fix if it is.
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Where no one has gone...

(The Customer Is) Not Always Right II

I was reading <a href="http://www.notalwaysright.com.(The Customer Is) Not Always Right</a> thanks to ONTD, and I found this GQMF post:

Klingon To The Hope Of A Ticket

Movie Theater | London, UK

Customer: “Two tickets for Star Trek, please.”

Me: “That showing has sold out, sir.”

Customer: “What! That’s impossible!”

Me: “The IMAX is very popular sir. I am afraid we don’t have any more seats until tomorrow.”

Customer: “I need to see this movie! You’re not a Star Trek fan. You wouldn’t understand! Please sell me a ticket!”

Me: “I would love to sir, but the needs of the one or the few do not outweigh the needs of the many.”

Customer: *recognizing my quote from Star Trek* “I see. I suppose I couldn’t say that sometimes the needs of the one or the few do outweigh the needs of the many?”

Me: “No sir, that would be quite illogical.”

Customer: “Hmm, you’re good.”

Me: “I must have the lobes for business.”

Customer: “Two tickets for tomorrow then, please.”

Me: “Very good, sir.”

Customer: “Live long and prosper!”

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Zoe and Sam on USA Today

Article is nothing we haven't heard before, but the pictures make me smile because they look slightly uncomfortable but completely gorgeous. Worthington doesn't seem to be into having his picture taken at all, much less in a studio where he doesn't know what to do with his face.

And by the way, time and effort was put into making her look cute and stylish. And Worthington is wearing a Volcom hoodie. Story of my life.

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