January 10th, 2010

TV's Sexiest Men in Uniform

Please disregard if this has already been mentioned somewhere etc...

I sat through the ever so intelligent TV's Sexiest Men in Uniform today since I saw that Shatner was going to be mentioned somewhere, and he made number five. Pfft! I disagree, but I'm a little biased. :)

5. William Shatner
4. John Stamos
3. The men of Rescue Me
2. David James Elliot
1. Erik Estrada

Patrick Stewart made number 13, which I'm okay with.

Also, for half of the two or so minutes they were talking about Kirk, they kept mentioning how he slept with Marta in Whom Gods Destroy and I was a little confused. Did you guys watch the show...? But still.

I did record all of this business and I'm going to trim it down but it's not anything we don't know already :)

ETA: Vids.
Pstew- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VPL0EZYQ
Shatman- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=42PKXORI