January 14th, 2010


ZQ on Hollywood Unites for Haiti

URGENT: our thoughts and hearts with jimmy jean-louis...


as i'm sure a lot of you HEROES fans know - my cast mate and friend jimmy jean-louis is from haiti - and has been deeply effected by the recent tragedy that has befallen his homeland. jimmy is an incredible spirit who tirelessly commits his energy and resources to humanitarian work in haiti. he has changed many lives there through his deep compassion and generosity. now he needs our help. my heart is very open to him and his entire family during this unfathomably difficult time. please send thoughts and wishes of safety and recovery to him. to his family. and to the entire country. also - please visit his website HOLLYWOOD UNITES FOR HAITI (link below).

and donate in any way you can. is is a desperate situation in an already desperate country. please take this time to realize how fortunate we all are - and extend in gratitude from your heart in a time of great need.

thank you everyone...



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Prizes for: The Vulcan Translation Game

Ok, I'm pretty sure the problem is fixed.

All Prize Macros may only be used by the people who won them unless they have given permission, winners may swap between each other, if they really want to, hopefully it's ok though.

Sorry I couldn't do much more than this.

Macros under cut, plus a bonus, which is a little icky, not Porn or anything, so will have a number of leading lines down to it.


1st place (Three way Tie)


2nd place (Two way tie)


3rd prize (five way tie)


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Help Haiti!

So this amazing new comm just opened up, called help_haiti, where people can bid on creative auctions, and all the proceeds go directly to a charity active in Haiti right now.

My thought is that all my ontd_startrekkers are classy and creative people, and every auction helps, so get on down there an offer! Or, if crafting/writing/tarot reading/etc is not your strong suit, bid! Every little bit helps!

My thread is here. I'm offering fandom crafts, like the Star Trek bath toys I made for my Secret Santa last month.

Hopefully this is allowed - I just want to see this comm do something great for someone in need again.
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Sir P-Stew + Shakespeare Promo

Sir Patrick Stewart made an appearance at the PBS leg of the biannual Television Critics Association Press Tour to promote his TV renditions of Hamlet and Macbeth. Man, it's cool to call him "Sir" now! Even GettyImages lists him under his new title! Anyway, full pictures under the cut.

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Glad the stash is gone. And, an edit for you: The Washington Post gives us the content of the interview pictured above.

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Hey everyone!

So, there is a new *twist* to our Haiti fundraising. ontd_ai has agreed to take us on to see which one of us can raise the most money in 48 hours! ontd_ai will kick off their efforts shortly and try to meet and beat our total. There's no prize for winning; just the knowledge that we are doing what we can to help people who are suffering when we're in the position to and confirming our superiority to ontd_ai.

The deadline for us is:


9:00 AM PST

Anyway, here's what is needed:

ps: this whole project was peacock's baby, I'm just piggy backing, so thank her for the idea to start this up in the first place! pps: where is the glitter text generator? This is a glitter text emergency!!