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January 17th, 2010

Megacon 2010

Hey, everyone!

I was checking out stuff online and I saw this! I haven't gone in a couple years, but it seems MegaCon has added some really special guests including Several GQMFers! They'll be there during March 12-14th! If anyone is in the Orlando area or visiting during that time, go check them out!

Hope this is news to someone~! If it's a repost, feel free to delete~
Have a good night, everyone. :)

ONTD_AI/ONTD_StarTrek Party Post


[info]ontd_ai has invited us to a party at their place. There are gifs, macros, innuendos, and baby manipulation photos galore.



Pinto out and about

The boys at the Pre-Golden Globes Party!!! (CAA talent agency hosted a party in the relatively small Buffalo Club Friday night for their Golden Globe-nominated clients)

I love penis. Who doesn't? Not everyone! Collapse )

thanks hollybud for the gif and the heads up!
sorry mods, don't know why LJ ate the pics the first time

Signs Picard's Enterprise is near the End

I got this through my daily jokes email, I thought I'd share, I hope you guys enjoy.

Signs that the Enterprise is Nearing the End of it's WarrantyCollapse )
This is the voting for the awards that will be presented in the video broadcast! Nominations for the next set of categories is HERE

Voting for 'show' awardsCollapse )

HUUUUUGE thank you to ladythana for volunteering to do half of the polls.

There's going to be another voting poll next weekend for the other EIGHTY+ categories in this project. This thing has developed a life of its own, I swear.

Also, to the lovelies who've done the Best of 2009/Favourite character polls...do you mind if I snag your results to throw into the project as well?

+Don't know what all this is? Want to in involved? Information is here

& Always remember to KEEP DONATING


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