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January 19th, 2010

Check out this GQMF Tim Russ, supporting the SETI Institute at SETIcon!

(I love the pic of him in the suit WAY too much..)

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Just something interesting I found

So I was on IMDB looking at the list of movies that Jed Rees was in and I saw that he was in Glaxy Quest (Teb if you are wondering) so then I clicked over to the Galaxy Quest page and for amusement I started looking to see if any of the actors had also acted in any Star Trek and I found FOUR!

So four your enjoyment:Read more...Collapse )

For those that don't know, The Emerald City Comicon is a Comic Book & Pop Culture Convention in Seattle running annually since 2003 (it will be on March 13th & 14th this year) I was fortunate to be informed last night that not one but 3 ANNOUNCED GQMFS will be attending the ECCC this year...

LEONARD NIMOY --> Actor, Director, Artist, General Badass

WIL WHEATON --> Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation

GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON --> Writer who wrote the first episode ever aired of Star Trek The Man Trap and also The Twilight Zone episodes, Logan's Run, etc. (He gets a GQMF Gold Star in my book!)

Link to ECCC Media Guest List

***For one such as me that has never been able to afford going to the San Diego Comic-Con, I totally jumped up and danced a happy jig when I found out Mr. Nimoy & Will Wheaton's going to be coming to town! :D


Look at what this super awesome GQMF did! They modified a toy phaser to shoot a blu-ray laser!! The future of phasers is not far off!

Anton Yelchin: SPIDER-MAN?

I wish. But he is getting some buzz :D

"He broke through with Alpha Dog, impressed in Charlie Bartlett, was the best thing in Terminator Salvation as Kyle Reese, and essayed a comedy accent as Chekov in Star Trek. The same puppy dog-esque edge he brought to Chekov could work very well as Parker, but he has the range to push himself into more action-y roles - and he's more or less the right age. Will he want another franchise to run alongside Trek, though? And is he too physically slight? (Then, so was Maguire…)" Source

A few more folks give their reasoningCollapse )

Q in New York. Jan 18th.

Zach attended the New York screening of Howl last night

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Put away the Pinto Party hats

Chris Pine and Olivia Munn have not parted ways -- despite Monday's reports online of a breakup.

A source close to the Star Trek actor and Iron Man 2 actress slams the split rumors. "Wrong! They are not broken up, " the insider tells UsMagazine.com. "They are just having fun and being casual."

Although Monday's report claimed the pair avoided one another at a Friday event, an insider observed them being affectionate that same night at the Buffalo Club CAA party in L.A.. "They remained inseparable during the night," the eyewitness tells UsMagazine.com. "Constantly whispering, holding hands and sharing a cup of hot mint tea."

Pine and Munn, both 29, reportedly starting dating about five months ago.

Source: US Magazine

What? Wait. Let's recap.Collapse )

Maybe there's some truth to the theory that the break-up rumours were just a fake-out so the press would leave them alone? Wow, that almost worked for like... not even 24 hours.

ETA: GossipCop sides with JustJared and People on this: "Gossip Cop confirmed with a source close to Pine that he and the “Iron Man 2″ actress have indeed broken up."

ETA2: E!Online says: nope, still together.

ThinkGeek mention!

I just stopped by one of my favorite places, ThinkGeek.com, and saw this!

Screenshot of ThinkGeek blog mention of our Unicef page!Collapse )

They have a lot of other cool Haiti relief mentions specially targeted for geeks over here!
Guess who's attending the Sci-Fi Ball in Bournemouth?


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I'm incredibly over-excited by this a) because Bashir is ♥♥♥ and b) because OMG IT'S SOMEWHERE I CAN GET TO!

So. Anyone here going? I am if I can blackmail persuade a friend to come with. Even though I will no doubt end up making an idiot of myself and going to hide in a corner. IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

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