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January 21st, 2010

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EW'S Dave Karger thinks 'Star Trek' has a shot at getting a Best Picture nod at the Oscars

Best Picture: What will be 8, 9, and 10?
by Dave Karger

With just two weeks to go before the Oscar nominations on Feb. 2, it’s looking more and more like we’ve got seven sure-shot Best Picture nominees and three slots up for grabs. We can assume Avatar, The Hurt Locker, Up in the Air, Precious, Inglourious Basterds, Up, and An Education are all in. Beyond that, there’s a rash of films vying for Nos. 8, 9, and 10. Here they are, with their major guild accomplishments so far.

Star Trek: Producers, Writers, Art Directors, Editors

District 9: Producers, Art Directors, Editors
The Hangover: Writers, Art Directors, Editors
A Serious Man: Writers, Editors
Nine: Actors, Cinematographers
Invictus: Producers
Crazy Heart: Writers
The Messenger: none
The Blind Side: none

The main questions in my mind right now: Does all the guild support for District 9 and Star Trek mean they both could make it in? Could The Hangover really end up as a Best Picture nominee? Can all the love for Jeff Bridges push Crazy Heart into the big race? My votes for the last three right now: Invictus, A Serious Man, and Star Trek, with District 9 biting at their heels. What do you all think will score those three up-for-grabs slots?


I love that there is so much Star Trek love in the comments in the source.

Chris Pine @ 20th Ovation Awards

I don't know when this was taken but I found it on YouTube and thought it was really cute. I love how he reads lol

German Bread in Space - USS Bumblebee

Long time lurker, first time poster. (I couldn't find this on the comm, so I hope it wasn't posted before.)

Today, while doing very important research on YouTube, I stumbled across something to entertain all you GQMFs out there: German children's television is sending GQMF loaves of bread into space (YouTube vid has English subs).

Bread in Space

Karl Urban and Chris Pine Gif Post

Hello all~!
I have made more gifs (I'm sorry I keep spamming them!)~ This time they are of Karl Urban and Chris Pine movies~!
Lot's of pretty men under the cut~ xD
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hay ku, yeah i c u

It's a Karl Urban mini walking post!

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Karl Urban on the set of his new film "Red" in Toronto. January 20, 2010. Photo by Todd Gillis/iPhotolive.com.

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Tie + track pants. Discuss.

Gene Roddenberry pilot gets deal


The son of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry has struck a deal to try and bring one of his late-father's forgotten projects to TV.

Rod Roddenberry has formed an agreement with Imagine Television to develop "The Questor Tapes," which is based on a 1974 Roddenberry pilot that ultimately aired as a TV movie.

The team is in negotiations with Tim Minear ("Dollhouse," "The X-Files") to produce.

“My father always felt that 'Questor' was the one that got away,” Rod Roddenberry said. “He believed that the show had the potential to be bigger than 'Star Trek.'”

The original "Questor" is about an android with incomplete memory tapes who searches for his creator and his purpose. Roddenberry will develop the project along with Trevor Roth and Imagine Television’s President David Nevins and EVP of Development Robin Gurney. The announcement was made at the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame induction ceremony where Roddenberry accepted the posthumous honor, presented by Seth MacFarlane, on his father’s behalf.

Here's the opening of the original pilot:


What do you think bbs? Could it really be bigger than Trek?

Sing it!

@ XENA's "cabaret" Convention. Wut? IT'S KARL URBAN DAY PPL!

thanks to greenteaduck for the heads up and happy b-day jlm121 !

New Zoe Saldana Photo shoot

Beautiful Zoe photo shoot. Don't know from where. Just so you know it's NSFW-ish (under the cut). You can see her nipples.

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~stealth~ Nimoy/Haiti post is ~stealth~

From LJ News:
We've already raised over $3,300 from the sale of our Haiti vgift! Thank you for the wonderful suggestion!

We were so inspired by your compassion that we've decided to run a two-day charitable vgift drive!

You mean--giving&rec'ving LJ V-gifts can help Haiti *and* me?! TELL ME MORE!!Collapse )

Please pass the info along! Think of all the .99cent virtual XOXOXOXOXs that could help Haiti!


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