January 22nd, 2010


Beyond Uhura picspam

Nichols, N. (1994). Beyond Uhura: Star Trek and other memories. New York, NY: G.P. Putnam's Sons.

  • ISBN 0-399-13993-1 (hardcover)
  • Readability: On the readability scale, with Whitney's bio on the "difficult" end and Takei's bio on the "gripping" end, I'd say this is about 3/4 up to "gripping". I am amazed at how Nichols can remember what specific outfits she wore to certain landmark events, because I never have that sort of recall. Other than that quirk, I have no doubt that the alternate title to this bio was probably The Life and Times (so far) of a Fierce HBIC in Space.

  • What sorts of classes/projects can you sneak this piece of GQMFy publication into as a published/non-Wiki source?
    • History: television, music (jazz), theatre
    • Political Science: segregation, civil rights
    • Ethnic Studies: African-Americans

  • I was going to do a recap-style post about this book, just like what I did for Takei (Sulu) and Whitney (Rand), but as lelola pointed out, recumbentgoat and mojitochica have already written very well about the book in two posts [ post 1, post 2 ] at the spock_uhura comm. Why mess with perfection?

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Zachary Quinto Attends the Opening Night of "Present Laughter" on Broadway

 So ZQ decided to dazzle photographers with yet another bajillion-dollar suit - blue, high waist cut, black-and-white-dotted tie - at the American Airlines Theater, January 21st! "Present Laughter" is directed by Nicholas Martin and "is a gleeful take on Noel Coward's story of a vain stage star and the eccentrics in his orbit and on his payroll."

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Gorn in Star Trek II?

Yes. You read that title right.

Writers and Mr. JJ are heavily considering putting Gorn in as side baddies or main the sequel.

News source: http://screenrant.com/jj-abrams-talks-cloverfield-2-the-gorn-star-trek-2-villain-pauly-42442/
(In that article he talks a bit about Cloverfield 2 if you wanna have a look:)

Now for some interesting Star Trek 2 news; there has been plenty of speculation for who or what should be the main source of villainy in Star Trek 2. Klingons, Romulans, and Kahn have all been kicked around as possible antagonists to our beloved Captain Kirk and Enterprise crew. Now Abrams is throwing out one more possibility – The Gorn (see pic below). Here’s what he said to MTV:

“I have to admit the ['Star Trek' sequel] is really all about the Gorn. We just thought it would be fun… to go Gorn.”

OK, so Abrams was obviously talking in a tongue-in-cheek way about making the Gorn the Star Trek 2 villains but I’m actually thinking, “Why not?” If you aren’t familiar with the Gorn, let me give you some quick background: The Gorn are a race of reptilian humanoids. They are slow moving, hiss a lot but are quite lethal and are known to be very cunning. Kirk battled a Gorn captain in the Star Trek episode “Arena” and barely escaped with his life.

With the writing talent of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman combined with the directing prowess of J.J. Abrams, I think the Gorn as an enemy could hold up pretty well. If anything, they could be made into secondary villains that become main villains in Star Trek 3. </endsource>

So are you saying we'll get MORE of THIS FIERCENESS?

SM - Chibi Cosmos

Be a "Sixties Space Siren"!

I saw this last night- a Photoshop tutorial on how to transform an average picture into the soft-focus glory of those TOS women!

If you’ve seen an episode of the original Star Trek, you’re no doubt familiar with the show’s main character, Captain Kirk, and his eternal blurry-eyed fascination with women. Every time he came in sight of a love interest, she appeared to him in diffused focus. In this episode of dekePod, Deke shows how you can achieve a nearly identical effect in Photoshop with such flattering results that you yourself could win the captain’s affections.

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Star Trek: The IMAX Experience

Went into my internship at the New England Aquarium today to see that they'd taken down their posters for Disney's A Christmas Carol and that the Star Trek ones were back up. What's up with this, I wondered, only to see...

New England Aquarium in Boston has Star Trek back on IMAX!!!

Spock approves of this message.

They had a showing tonight at 7 PM (wish I knew about that one...) and the only other one mentioned on the website is Jan. 29th at 7 PM.


My guess is that it'll still be playing in February since they don't have anything listed under "Coming Soon," but there's nothing else listed on the schedule, so I don't really know. Someone way more motivated than me could call and find out. XP