January 24th, 2010

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Behind the Scenes at the SAG Awards

Capt. Jonathan Archer is the "new kid" on the SAG Awards Committee. The behind the scenes video won't embed above, so click on the image. Cool, short video with occasional quips from Bakula. Choice quotes:
On why the SAG Awards is different from other awards: "It's actors. Actors saluting other actors and there's nothing like being recognized by your peers."
On all the A-listers who will be there and mingling: "First on my list is Matt Damon because we did a movie together last year and I haven't seen him in a while so it's always fun to get a chance to see him. He lives on the east coast. I've never met Meryl Streep so if that were to happen I would be delighted. But just to wave at her and smile would be enough for me."

Source: Screen Actors Guild

Star Trek in Japanese

 Didn't see this posted elsewhere, so hopefully it's not a double-post. Anyway.

Anime blog Japanator decided to dedicate it's weekly Vexing Videos colum to Star Trek this week, in honor of Voyager's 15th anniversary (OMG I FEEL OLD NOW).

Voyager in Japanese

Next Gen intro in Japanese

More videos, although not Trek related, and an adorble anime-style Janeway at the link.
(Sorry for the quick and dirty post, getting ready for work)
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