January 27th, 2010


Bake it So/Make it Sew: Her drink's on her.

Last week was a little quiet on the food and crafts front, but three of our GQMFs brought it:
What delicious and delightful Trek-themed goodies will this week bring? Post 'em in the comments!
Bones/Kirk φ Giggle!

Deep Dish 9!

SO, who wants a quick blast of nostalgia, you GQMFers?

I know that Star Trek is made reference to in a lot of cartoons, especially on the Cartoon Network, so needless to say that my mind was a little surprised to see that there was on Disney made, too!

Anyone remember a show called The Weekenders? It was one of those Saturday morning cartoons about four friends and what they did for the weekend. They hung out a pizza place who's theme changed for each episode (a farm theme, Great Wall of Pizza, a nirvana place...), but THIS, my ONTDers, this is relative to your interests at 1.20. It even came with noises!

I'm also shoving it under a cut so it doesn't take up too much space on the flists.

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Spock sigh


I can't figure out how to search the entire archive with any sense of proficiency, so I don't know if this has been posted before. ANYWAY, while watching CSI in syndication today I discovered an entire Star Trek themed episode! I can't give you exact minutes if relevant info because really...it's the ENTIRE episode. Tricorders, phases, slave dancers, torn uniforms, funny ears, and collecting evidence of sex in the command chair. Yes. You just read that. SEX IN THE COMMAND CHAIR.

Hopefully this video will play till the end. > >;

On a TV related note, has anyone noticed how many times Stephen Colbert makes Star Trek references? God, I love pop culture.
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Shatner to guest host WWE Monday Night RAW

This is just a heads up if we have any wrestling fans in this comm.

WWE has been doing this 'guest host' thing for Monday Night Raw for a while now, inviting various wrestling and non-wrestling personalities onto the show. They pretend to run the show for the night as well as plug whatever it is they are working on at that time.

Next week William Shatner is going to be guest hosting!

I am so excited for this. I hope it's a good one, because The Shat is a big fan of wrestling (he inducted Jerry 'The King' Lawler into the WWE Hall Of Fame in fact!), and that always helps in not coming across as a massive fail on live TV on Raw.


Monday 1st February - 2am - Sky Sports HD3 for UK viewers
                                          9/8 PM CT - USA network for US viewers

Or you can check out various streams online if, like me, you don't get those channels.
You can also watch it atthis website after Mon.

I'm sure they'll be lots of gifs/pics/footage flying around after Mon too.
Ed and Tomato
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Simon Pegg speaks out against bullying

Pegg: Stop Bullying

Star Trek XI’s Scotty encourages his old school to take bullying seriously.

Too many schools turn a blind eye to bullying, but a group of students at Simon Pegg’s former school want to change that at their own school.

A group of students at Brockworth Enterprise School in Gloucester, England, contacted Pegg in hopes of having him join their anti-bullying campaign. Pegg responded by sending a letter of support to the school, urging them to act and to not avoid the problem.

“I think most people experience bullying at some point,” he said in the letter. “It isn’t just stealing lunch money. It can be mental or physical.”

“It means using strength or power to intimidate someone weaker or in a weaker position than you,” said Pegg. “It’s important to send the message out to those who bully and intimidate that their actions are unacceptable. I have complete disapproval towards bullying, but also, to some degree, pity.”

“Bullies are weak and pathetic. If you don’t (tell someone) it will simply continue. Be strong. You are not being a snitch, you are protecting yourself and others. If you’re not sure who to speak to at school, speak to a parent or even a friend. The important thing is not to suffer in silence.”

Courtesy of TrekToday.

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Star Trek--Spock--double

You KNOW you love Nascar! Yes, this belongs here.

Not exciting as the Bulge Post, but. . . I have news! On Orci & Kurtzman, specifically.

Short and sweet, Reba. Short and sweet.

Last year there was this documentary called Racing Dreams on the World Karting Association, AKA the "Little League of Nascar". It was a really great doc directed by Marshall Curry, and you should all see it because it's awesome.

Well anywhoodle, they're making a narrative feature film out of it and our boys O&K will be producing (along with The Rock. No, I did not make that up). No word on who will write or direct, though we can keep our hopes up that Orci and Kurtzman will feel the inevitable draw of drivers going really fast around a circular (OK, elliptical) track for miles.

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