February 2nd, 2010

Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!

It's Relay time!

Alright GQMF I'm in the down hill run toward the American Cancer Society Relay for Life!

After sifting through everyone's awesome suggestions and well wishes it is time for me beg and plead for donations. And of course tell everyone where my team is at with the drive.

As of today we've raised $120 ... and $100 of that was the team's donation. So in order to kick this drive of properly I'm stealing a page from the lovely Mod-ess starlady42's immensely big hearted book during the Help For Haiti Party Post. I'm hosting a Fund Raising Party Post on my own Journal starting RIGHT NOW. I'll let it run until midnight my time (Eastern) on Friday.

Donate Here.


- For every post before then I'll donate 1 penny to the American Cancer Society
- For every one from ontd_startrek that donates I'll throw in an extra dime
- If we break 10,000 posts by Friday midnight I'll add another $25

Every one that donates starting today can get our team button; You just have to let me know where to send it to! Fire off you're address to whatjanesays@gmail.com and I'll make sure you get your button. Some random donators might just get other surprises like Tribbles or action figures too!

Our theme for the team is "Star Trek" so our button reflects that. The button will be 3-inch round with the logo in black on a light purple background (a little lighter than in it in that image at the top). On the back wrap around edge it reads "American Cancer Society Relay for Life 2010" and "Boldly walking where no Relayer has gone before." It's our little way to say thanks for caring enough to support our cause. The only way to get one is to donate.

As always any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Donate Here.


On a totally personal note:

I've been doing fund raisers and volunteer work for all kinds of causes and charities for a long time now and I have never, never been in as much down right in awe as I have been over all you guys. And I've never felt so to attached to what is essentially a group of people that I will never have the opportunity to meet that majority of, people that I know mostly by 100x100 pixel "masks". We live in a very interesting time.

A lot of people have said it before but I think it warrants repeating:

Big Bang - Sheldon Spock

Sir P-Stew on Twitter, his iPhone, and Gaming

This short interview (only 2 mintues long) was probably filmed during the Television Critics Association Press Tour a while back and is part of the "multiplatform" project that is PBS's show Digital Nation an offshoot of their news program Fronline. Watch their preview to see where they're going with this and have a giggle. There's a definite troglodyte allergy to change vibe going there. It premieres tonight on PBS.

Now, now, Sir P-Stew. Just because Twitter doesn't suit your lifestyle doesn't mean it isn't suitable for the lifestyles of many others. I, for one, see no use in my life for a smartphone.

Found @ Gizmodo via NextWeb and Digital Nation's YT Chanel
billie piper: nyc crown

Critics and Famous Nerd agree Star Trek got snubbed by Oscars

From TrekMovie.com:

The nominations for the Academy Awards were announced a couple hours ago (see previous report). Although Star Trek picked up four technical nominations, it didn’t get a nod for Best Picture. Although not considered a shoe-in, the film had received a lot of buzz and many are already calling ’snub’, especially due to one of the films that did make it in.

No Best Pic for Trek? – Is it a snub?

Going into the nominations, Star Trek had shown up on a number of industry watcher lists for a nomination for Best Picture, including Entertainment Weekly’s and the USA Today. The film was also nominated by the Producers Guild, which usually is a good gauge of the Oscar nods. However, Star Trek and Clint Eastwood’s Invictus were the only films that didn’t make both lists, replaced by The Blind Side and A Serious Man.

The exclusion of Star Trek has got some notice (and even riled some up):

Ten f–king slots for Best Picture, and not a-one of ‘em for JJ’s STAR TREK? That list can’t have TWO giant sci-fi movie’s on it?
- Director Kevin Smith (via Twitter)

That a nomination did not go to Star Trek was a shock to many on the Facebook Livestream, which indicates how the public’s going to respond to the news of the list. Moreover, will the Star Trek snub impact Oscar ratings?
- SF Gate

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The twitter machine has alerted me to the fact that this wonderful February day is not just any wonderful February day, no sir. Today is, in fact,


What better way to celebrate this occasion than with what we do best? So sit back, relax, and join in on A PICSPAM POST IN CELEBRATION OF THE 61ST ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTH OF THIS FINE GQMF.*
*(With added commentary shamelessly repeated from my postings in the Help for Haiti fundraising party post, so if it sounds familiar, no, you're not crazy.)

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Whew, my folders are exhausted. So, if we've learned nothing else today, hopefully we've learned this:

magnificent seven
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Damon Lindelof LOL at Pop Candy

Dunno of any of you read the Candy, but there was a Star Trek LOL over there today! :) The idea of Spock in a tee made my day. (Totally OT, but anyone watching Lost?! I so have to get caught up so I can finish out the show with everyone else! :<)


More 'Lost' Humor: Pop-Up Ad Gives Team Darlton a Makeover

Pop reader Jack K. was just perusing the New York Times' handy Lost timeline when he noticed something strange.

"I clicked on a link that took me to the timeline, with a picture of (executive producers) Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof side by side," he says. "Then I received a pop-up ad ... and, well, all I can say is that it's eerily perfect."

Here's what Jack's screen looked like before the ad:

And here's Jack's screen with the pop-up. He swears this is exactly where it was placed.

I can only hope we'll see Spock wearing this T-shirt in the sequel.


To my GQMF's who saw Farragut North.

I have a question about the sexytiems. There is an audition for the Boston production in a few weeks, but the only script I have at my disposal is the movie version. For those who saw the LA (or the Pineless NY production): For the love scene with the volunteer, were both actors in their underwear? I had heard that CPine was (and I think the whole comm would appreciate pics if those exist) but I would just like to know what I might be in for. Thank you!
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