February 3rd, 2010

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Trek fans to attempt world record in London on V-Day

Namco Bandai Partners to attempt Star Trek themed Guinness World Record on Millenium Bridge on February 14th at 1.00pm

Namco Bandai Partners, the Distributor of Star Trek Online, in association with Atari, will attempt to set a world record for the ‘largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters’ on February 14th at 1.00pm on London’s Millenium Bridge to help celebrate the arrival of brand new MMO, Star Trek Online.

Star Trek fans are invited to attend dressed as anything Star Trek related, from an ‘Andorian Ensign’ to a ‘Zakdorn strategist,’ and adjudicators from Guinness World Records will be present to log the record attempt and ensure that everyone present is dressed in full Star Trek attire.

The best dressed fans on the day will win exclusive Star Trek Online prizes including lifetime subscriptions worth over £150 and recently released digital version of the Star Trek movie.

“This should be an absolutely fantastic fun filled day and definitely one all fans of Star Trek should get involved in,” said Lee Kirton, Head of UK PR Namco Bandai Partners. “This is the chance to become part of history with a ‘World Record’ for the largest group of dressed up Star Trek characters in one place. Namco Bandai will also have a bunch of fantastic prizes up for grabs on the day for the best dressed ‘Trekkers’ and some prizes for just being part of the day should make it a trip worthwhile!”

Gaz Deaves, Gaming Editor of Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition, said: “Star Trek has such a huge following around the world, and its legion of fans deservedly has a reputation as one of the most committed groups in Sci-Fi fandom. It will be a great honour to adjudicate the first official world record attempt of this kind.”

For more information regarding the record attempt, you can visit www.namcobandaigames.eu and www.startrekonline.com – Or you can visit the Official Facebook event page.

To find out more about Guinness World Records including their Gamer’s Edition 2010 log on to www.guinnessworldrecords.com.

[article from gamasutra.com]

...So who's going?

It's a BB Anton walking post!!

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Anton Yelchin stops by Bristol Farm and picks up a box of Snyder’s sourdough pretzels in West Hollywood on Tuesday (February 2).

The 20-year-old Star Trek actor is best known for playing Pavel Chekov in the sci-fi reboot.

Recently, Trekkies are rejoicing in the latest news that a Star Trek sequel is underway. Couple weeks ago Paramount officially released the tentative release date for June 29, 2012.

Most of the original cast will be returning. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, and Anton have already signed up for at least two

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Bake it So/Make it Sew: nothing but starfleet protein nibs and the promise of a real food delivery

Mmmm, protein nibs.

(found here, where you can also see a dihedral bar [whatever that is] and some other props)

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Gundam Chibi Char

The Star Trek Influence In Your Games

From Kotaku.com:

tar Trek is as much a staple of geek culture as gaming, so it's no surprise that it's influence has shown up in countless video games over the years. What's your favorite Star Trek video game reference?

Video games have been around a little bit longer than Star Trek, so the 1966 television series isn't able to claim influence over 1962's Spacewar!, but countless titles have felt the influence of the beloved science fiction franchise over the past 44 years.

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