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February 6th, 2010

Tee Fury sells one design a day and today's design is ~*~*ST TOS themed*~*~ featuring Kirk and Spock rocking out!


Blue shirt called "Spock On" :D

Only $9! I've bought from Tee Fury before, their shirts are good quality! :)

The artist's words about the shirt:

It is a slate blue t-shirt. We had a vision of the Star Trek crew rockin out like the image on the net of all the Star Wars characters rocking out.

Although our vision was to have alot more going on like phaser laser light show, Bones in the back pointing upwards with drumsticks, we are not good artists. One day, we hope someone makes the image.
yeah so i was making a steak a couple hours ago (as you do) and i switched on RAGE while it cooks (and for anyone who knows it, I love the EXTREMELY MELLOW tone of voice they use to identify their show... "rhaaaage (ssssh)" anyway) (and for anyone who doesn't they basically just play music videos, i hear the US used to have something like it called "mtv" or something?) AND I SAW THIS AND THOUGHT OF Y'ALL.

SPOT THE TREKKIE IN THIS VIDEO. Also apparently \,,/ is ascii for live long and prosper? that doesn't seem right. I feel like it should be \||/ or something. \H/? \U/? Thoughts?


Some of us have probably heard of the site Morphthing, a hatefully addictive face-meld creator that will consume your life if you allow it to. I allowed it to, because if there was ever a cast of good-looking GQ motherfathers who needed to have their faces squished together, it's these guys. Prepare yourselves.

Pinto? Is that you?Collapse )

"Mommy, Sulu kicked Spock in the face!"

I don't know why I didn't post this on here sooner, but I think we could all use the LOLs.

For Christmas, we gave my sons Sean, 6, and Liam, 4, the set of Star Trek figures. Out of everything they got, the figures are definitely getting the most use, they adore them, especially Liam. And I love them too because half the stuff he says with them is hilarious.

I hereby present quotes from Liam playing Star Trek with his action figures:

Kirk: "I need some coffee in my mouth."

Spock to Spock Prime: "Hey, you're old, we should be friends."

Sulu: "I can fly, and I don't have wings! What am I doing?"

Spock: "I'm going to spank Scotty's bum! Then he will get hurt, and he will get dead. That's not good, is it?"

Scotty: "I don't like Sulu, he ate my toasted cheese."

McCoy to Chekov (who had a run in with our dog): "What happened to your face? Did you get attacked by a shark?"

Spock: "I said live long and prosper to this dinosaur, he might not eat me now."

McCoy to Scotty: "Hey, I like your leg."

Right, which one of you GQMFs did this?

I just came across this on Tumblr and I know it had to be one of you guys who made it! Whoever it is, please own up so I can hand you your internet!

Apparently Wiki deleted it super-quick though. :(

ETA: I have been told that it was made by this awesome person here! Are you on ontd_startrek BB?

ETA 2: Everyone bow down before xylophones! :D

ZQ Birthday Profile

Posting on behalf of newbie GQMF ur_cocoa_tea who took the time to scan these, but had html issues. (And who hasn't?) Let's have a warm welcome!

Who hasn't wondered what their favorite GQMF is like IRL?Collapse )

So what do you think bbs? Accurate?

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