February 10th, 2010

  • reezoo

All the JJ News That's Fit to Print

Everyone has heard this news, yes? If not I bring you tidings of comfort & joy from Slashfilm:


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Producing, yes, directing no. I feel like I should feel bad for the franchise, but I totally don't. Because this frees him up to direct the next Star Trek, yes yes?

Not so fast, according to, again, Slashfilm. but if Abrams doesn't direct another Trek film, then what might his next film be?

Why, just a little film with a character named Jack Ryan being played by CHRIS PINE, that's what!

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So what do you guys make of all this? JJ directing Trek again still up in the air? Possibly moving on to do the Jack Ryan franchise? Paramount's move to making less films and focusing on giant tentpoles? Gaaaaaah I don't know what to think myself. Some comfort and/or voices of reason would be nice bbs!

Mirror!Verse Spock thanks you for your time. :)

Enchanted LensFLARE


I meant to have one go up in January, but it completely slipped my mind. I am SORRY. I have a snow day today, and we have a party post on Sunday. Let's get more gifs made!

IF YOU'RE NEW: This is the time to request something that you want to giffed. Like say you see something on Doctor Who that you want in gif form, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO, Y'ALL.

You can request anything, it doesn't have to be from Star Trek. It can be from BSG, Mean Girls, The Great Mouse Detective, Spice World, LOTR, Boston Legal (PLEASE), ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES.

My requests:
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Also, try to be as specific as possible (do as I say, not as I do... ignore my number 3). Try to name what you want and from what episode.

You can also request macros!