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February 17th, 2010

Hey New Yorkers! Head to THE SHAT BALL!

I just got this email from Fall On Your Sword! I'm not in NY, so it's no use to me, but it's SO RELAVENT TO YOUR INTERESTS:

From the email:Collapse )

!!!!!! i expect photos, y'all!
Hey, U.S. GQMFers
Look what's featured on Hulu today!

Watch-a-thon? Except I have to go to work. But make it so anyway. DO IT.

p.s. I don't know what's going on with that black bar across the botttttttom...

these pants give me terrible chafing

one of my favorite shows is Little Britain, and in the show there is a character The Only Gay In The Village, and this clip is very very relevant to our interests.

hung like a Klingon, indeed.

I dream of GQMFs

So, I was thinking it's been a while since our last Star Trek dream discussion post, and maybe it's time for a new one. So post any dreams that had to do with Star Trek/Actors/Enterprise. My own personal one under the cut.

Let's discuss....Collapse )

momo_maurice 's GQMF Time Magazine thanks you for your time.

Quick Note! The Voyage Home is on Film 4 right now so UK GQ's might want to switch over. Don't worry it's on plus one in an hour.

Mods I hope this is ok, I'm not sure how to tag this.

3 more promo pics!

GRR ARGH CRAPPY NET CONNECTION HAS BEEN DOWN ALL DAY.  I will edit in the recap for the last two weeks, but wanted to go ahead and post this while it's still Wednesday (at least here...)!  Post awesome crafty/yummy stuff!!

edit: damn, y'all are creative...
So I found this clip from a British show called the Dead Ringers. It's a skit about Christopher Eccleston telling his family how he's going to be the new doctor. The family was not too happy but totally relevant to our interests :D

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