February 18th, 2010

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Chris Pine grabs coffee; wears new clothes while doing so

Catching a midday pick-me-up, Chris Pine was spotted hitting up a local shop for coffee and a newspaper in Los Angeles yesterday (February 17).

The “Star Trek” stud sported some awfully tight jeans as he made his way past the paparazzi, looking a bit annoyed at the shutterbugs.

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Aye, the haggis is in the fire, for sure: the Enterprise is in the shop!

To follow on the tail of Nathan Fillion's profession of admiration for JJ and the film (echoed by one of his Castle co-stars, Jon Huertas), we have a display of epic GQMF geekhood:

(Order from the feed is reversed so it runs chronologically from top to bottom, FYI.)
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ETA, thanks to between_names: Chris Doohan's reply.
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If only "Trouble with Tribbles" had proceeded along these lines. Federation/Klingon relations would have jumped ahead more than a century. Khitomer Accords? We don't need no stinkin Khitomer Accords, just for everyone to get their drunk on.

(NGL, just because Enterprise has phaser banks and--absent the once during the movie--Serenity is weaponless, I'm rooting for the underdog if they do ever duke it out. Love to see Spock and River both try to kill each other with their brains.)
Star Trek - Spock-Jim Stare

Shat Attack!

The Shat snuck himself into a few photos at the Annie Award (as in Animation) about a week and a half ago when Jeffrey Katzenberg, head of DreamWorks Animation, took home the Winsor McCay Award. Tim Burton and Bruce Timm were also honored.

Just goes to show, you never know when surprise!Shat might show up.

William Shatner and DreamWorks Animation's Jeffrey Katzenberg, 2009 Winsor McCay Award Recipient at the 37th Annual Annie Awards on February 06, 2010 at UCLA's Royce Hall in Westwood, California.

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For your viewing pleasure: Zach walking.

Zachary Quinto leaves his yoga class and heads to lunch at Le Petite Greek Restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 17).

For those gamers out there, the 32-year-old lends his voice in for the just released video game Star Trek Online.

Zach plays a hologram medical doctor in the game while Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the original series, narrates in the game.

“I think this game has an opportunity to unify the Star Trek fans, many of whom really are serious gaming fans, with those who aren’t,” Zach told Reuters. “I think it’s great to unify these two groups and give people the opportunity to engage each other and play with each other online and have the experience of the game together.”



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