February 23rd, 2010


BFFs together again; and some fun for us aspiring photographers

E-mail received today in the wee hours of the morning:

We're on a roll here at Creation Entertainment as we continue to bring aboard the big names for the annual Official STAR TREK Convention in LAS VEGAS on August 5-8, 2010. Today we are VERY HAPPY to announce that superstar LEONARD NIMOY will be with us once again. It is always a delight to welcome the enormously talented and inspirational Mr. Nimoy to our stages. Along with appearing solo Leonard will share the stage with co-star WILLIAM SHATNER as well as offering an exclusive LEONARD NIMOY PHOTOGRAPHY SEMINAR on Saturday evening.

ETA: (taken from startrekvegas PIMPIN~)
Additionally, tickets are available for the Leonard Nimoy Photography Seminar on the Saturday night:

Leonard Nimoy's latest photography project, "Secret Selves", is a series of portraits and video interviews of people who were invited to be photographed by Nimoy as their secret, hidden or fantasy personalities. The result is a collection of surprisingly funny and touching revelations. This collection will be featured at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in 2010.

Along with his regular convention appearance, Leonard has agreed to present "A Leonard Nimoy Photography Seminar" set for Saturday Evening from 7:30 pm to 9pm. This limited seating presentation will include a screening of Leonard's video on "Secret Selves" and a lecture about the aesthetics of fine art/conceptual photography. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see Leonard in this unique format.

Does anyone know when tickets other than the $699 package will be released? At least, when they normally are? I can't afford that package. x_x

Source/My e-mail.
Star Trek - CREW!

An Elusive Anton in the ~Wild~

Anton came out to the premiere of Charlie Bartlet costar Kat Denning's new film "Defendor" over the weekend. Isn't it lovely how well he keeps up with his former costars?

Actress Kat Dennings and actor Anton Yelchin arrive at the premiere of Darius Films' 'Defendor' on February 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

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Plus one misc. photo of Anton in Vegas last week. I know this was a brand event but I'm not sure why else he was there. I think there was a concert but I can't find the listings.

Anton Yelchin attends the AG Adriano Goldschmied party at Rain Nightclub at The Palms Casino Resort on February 16, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Oh. Paparazzo at the night club? Sorry, Anton. Yeah, Anton and Ceiling Eyes were the only celebs caught at this event.

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...Artistic use of lens flare, maybe?

Hi everyone~

I just have a quick request, pertaining to a school project of mine.

We have to take a short scene (no more than 1-2 minutes) from a film in which one technical element is interesting or innovative. We can evaluate one of the following: camera, lighting, sound, or editing.

Of course, my first thought was Star Trek! The problem comes in when I have to actually decide what part of the movie to analyze...and what element. So I'm enlisting your help.

I have to write a half-page analysis of that element, and do a short presentation for the class. So obviously it's not that hard of a project, but I'd still appreciate your input, being the wonderful, intelligent people that you are. =D

I was considering doing something with "artistic use of lens flare." But the problem there is that I wouldn't know which scene to choose...IT'S EVERYWHERE. Thoughts?
Stephanie Brown //girl wonder
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"Hey Spock, what do you want on your hot dog?" "Surprise me."

Leonard Nimoy has been named one of the Top 13 Simpsons Guest Stars.

His blurb:

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy's two appearances on The Simpsons are wonderful because of their self-awareness of Nimoy's science fiction background as Spock on Star Trek. Nimoy first appeared in season four's "Marge vs. the Monorail," widely considered one of the best episodes ever, and then came back for season eight's "The Springfield Files." Nimoy's first appearance is the funniest, and the clip below highlights the show's madcap yet clever humor from that period.

I have to say, I'm a big fan of his cameos. :D

Uh, in conclusion...
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SO, I'm sure some of the ladies and gents here at ontd_startrek are big fans of Stephen Colbert for his incredible television show and unquanitfiable levels of badassery, and thought I'd share my wonderful adventure...
I went to a taping of the show today: the 2010 VANCOUVERAGE one where he interviews Lindsay Vonn. Stephen does this wicked little Q&A session before the taping starts where you can ask him just about anything while he's out of character. Since there are no limits on what you can ask (except for questions of sexually explicit nature, obviously) I naturally ask him the only question that really matters:


It'd be impossible to relay to you everything he said verbatim because I was too busy squirming in my seat with the excitement of a three year old child at disney world, but it went somewhere in the neighborhood of him saying he thoroghly enjoyed the film, was a fan of the original series and that he thought they'd done a bang up job capturing the characters in the new movie.
And then he asked me if I had vulcan ears underneath my hair (a black bob with straight bangs, I set myself up for this...) and if I dressed up as a star trek character on my off time. I said "I wish" and he promised to get me a costume.

For those of you who are New Yorkers or plan on being in the city any time soon, I certainly urge you to get your paws on tickets, it's totally free and way too much fun! Great way to spend the evening laughing your pants off.

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old school on ya

It's a slow news day here at CHUD Los Angeles HQ, so I thought I would share this weird home movie of the first public reunion of the Star Trek cast. It took place at a Chicago Trek convention in 1975, so it was smack dab between the end of the series and the beginning of the movies. What's kind of amazing here - besides the narrator boasting about once touching James Doohan - is the fashion sense on display. And the hair! I wish the Trek movie had happened a few years earlier because Nichelle Nichols' hair here makes her The Motion Picture tight afro look modest.

via SciFi Wire

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Star Trek - You Sassy Bitch

"I think I just kissed your microphone."

Sir PStew attended the Whats On Stage Awards on Valentine's Day where he won Best Supporting Actor in a Play for his role in Hamlet. He also shared the AKA Theatre Event of the Year nod with BFF and Waiting for Godot costar Sir Ian McKellen. Sorry this is so late. It's been a week now and I've given up on finding non-watermarked images from the event. British event photos are a royal pain.

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Watch Sir PStew accept his award!
Video Does Not Embed, Click Here to Watch
His acceptance speech starts @ 2:30ish and he is snarky as all hell. He spends the entire thing sassing the presenters and director. The audience eats it up.

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Bettie love LENS FLARES

Captain Pike is....Batman

Hey kiddies. calidreamin08 posted a blurb about Bruce Greenwood as 'Batman' in Under the Red Hood, and now we have video!

There's a two-part "First Look" of the film available online. Part two features interviews with the actors and Bruce's part start at the 3:45 mark (right after Jensen Ackles, yay for him!)

Part one is here for those of you who are interested.

(Thanks to ontd_spnparty for posting this first!)