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February 27th, 2010

I have a question to all and any of you who know anything about sewing Star Trek uniforms, and I bring a picspam for your enjoyment.

I'm planning to make a Monster Maroon uniform, which will hopefully be finished for the Movie and Comic Con in July. I've got the official pattern for the jacket as well as that for the shirt and the trousers. It all seems fine, until I found what the Star Trek Uniform Guide said about the pattern - first that it was very difficult (although I'm pretty experienced with sewing, so it should be fine, it's just a bit scary) and second: "With this pattern [the one I linked] you will need to buy the instruction book written by the designer. Although the pattern comes with instructions, it is not good enough." The thing is, I cannot find the instruction book this person referrs to anywhere. So my question to anyone who's made one of these is: does anyone know how to get hold of the instruction book mentioned here (possibly even if someone has it scanned) or if it's fine to just go from the pattern? Anything I should keep in mind?

Also, if you happen to know anyone who might not see this but who might know more about sewing this uniform, let me know. <3

Monster maroon! Very image-heavy.Collapse )

I'm not certain how to tag the question part. Mod?


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