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March 4th, 2010

I was watching the Trouble with Tribbles episode and I thought, oh my god I love Star Trek so much, I cannot wait to finish TOS, then watch the movies and then TNG and DS9.

But then I was scared, I was petrified - I am a bit anal at times about organisation and I usually like to watch or read things that have sequels/prequels in the right order; And these stardates are confusing!

So I headed off to Memory Alpha [Star Trek wiki] , and compiled a time line for all the movies and television series.

I do hope its correct, please keep in mind that I only used the information from Memory Alpha.
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I can't wait to watch every single one!!!

Although I am uncertain about Voyager and Enterprise. >.>''


William Shatner to be honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

Best known as Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek, William Shatner will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 Banff Rockie Awards. With a career spanning more than 5 decades, Shatner has leveraged his fame to build enduring properties as a director, producer, author, recording artist, screenwriter and spokesperson.

A brand unto himself, Shatner's next project is the recently announced Sh*t My Dad Says, based on the popular Twitter account that's infamous for quotes like "A parent's only as good as their dumbest kid. If one wins a Nobel Prize but the other gets robbed by a hooker, you failed."

Register now to learn from William as he shares thoughts and lessons from his career in an interview open to all nextMEDIA Banff delegates, exploring his path to success in multiple arenas.

A/N: Source is a newsletter we get here at the office.

So, my boss is going here. Our AGM is held at Banff every year, but I don't get to go. Sadf. Still, The Shat! He (boss-man) was so excited when he found out Shatner would be there - he's a huge Shatner fan (as am I, not that I let it be known at the office.)

Also, a little OT from this post, boss-man was talking to a friend about the new movie (he just saw it. *facepalm*) and was RAVING about "the guy who plays James Tiberius". Apparently "Bones was alright, but that guy who plays James Tiberius man - he just knocked it out of the park!" So apparently it's only the awards people who hate the movie, because the industry loves it.

Japanese Fansite Search Engines?

Not sure if this request post is allowed...BUT I HAVE TO TRY.
mods,please delete this if it can't be posted here,thanks!

So i've been looking around for Japanese Star Trek Fansite Search Engines for about a week, but to no avail.
Search Engines as in sort of like a comm for Japanese fanart-ists and fic-writers to post a link to their sites.

I was wondering if any of you have any links you can direct me to?

i'm pretty sure the Star Trek fandom isn't that small in Japan!!! D:


All I can think of is COMMON! Chris Pine+Common=Smokin' Aces and Anton Yelchin+Common=Terminator Salvation, and Terminator Salvation=Moon Bloodgood, who was in Pathfinder with Karl Urban, and on it goes like I'm collecting pieces of the NERDIEST puzzle ever. Ok, done geeking out in front of all of you.

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