March 15th, 2010

Amy Winehouse - Red Shirt

Miracle Worker Opening Night

Jennifer Morrison's play, the broadway revival of The Miracle Worker, opened earlier this month. Despite being highly reviewed, the show isn't selling too well. Oh, well. It's fate hasn't been decided yet! How about some opening night photos? Our girl Jen made an, um, unfortunate fashion choice for the red carpet + after party.

You're a beautiful lady, Jennifer Morrison. Why you do this?

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Here, have a sample of the show.
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This is the weekly post where members can plan meetups for movies, conventions, and misc events.

Just specify the city/country you're in and link to a post in your personal journal where your neighbors can plan the meetup with you. or else check out the list of communities dedicated to these meet-ups  Collapse )


For those of you who were able to document your meetups, please post your pics and recaps here, or better yet link to a post in your own LJ so that the comment pages here don't break the internet.

Last week the NYC GQMFs had a Snarky Bingo Oscar Party. I almost bust a gut reading their Bingo card. LOL

Even if you didn't take any pictures, please feel free to recount the awesomeness of meeting with other GQMF's, any funny conversations or accidental meeting of other Star Trek geeks fans. lol

Do it!
Star Trek - Uhura

Nichelle Nichols, Timeless as Always

Two Nichelle Nichols appearances this time! One set at the 11th Annual Children Uniting Nations Awards, and one set at Out Of The Silence: Readings From The Afghan Women's Writing Project where Nichelle was one of the readers.

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Out Of Silence: Readings from the Afghan Women's Writing Project was a project to amplify the voices of, like it sounds, Afghan women writers. Nichelle was one of many who read selections aloud during the event. Photos of the 'red carpet' and her on stage at the reading.

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Sorry there's not much context or commentary in this post. I see Nichelle Nichols and I just get all tongue tied. I love her SFM. Y_Y