March 20th, 2010


Queen's Household Guards Meet Star Trek

This video is of the Queen's Household Guard brass band at Buckingham Palace in London playing a cut-down version of the suite "Star Trek: through the years". In order, the themes are: Original Series, Deep Space Nine, Generations, Voyager, The Motion Picture (aka The Next Generation). The original suite also includes 'The Inner Light', but that's hard to do with a brass band - I'm not surprised they left it out.  I was amused by the vidder giggling in the background.  :-)

Playing this for Her Maj, clearly the popularity of Star Trek knows no bounds!

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Fan-producer interaction in early Trek fandom

Hi, me again; I previously mentioned my term paper on fandom on this thread, and I've narrowed down my topic to a paper focusing explicitly on the new media / transmedia and fan-producer interaction aspect of Heroes fandom, using old!Trek fandom as a basis for comparison of fan-producer interaction prior to the Internet.


For those of you who were in Star Trek fandom prior to the Internet becoming a big thing, do you have any stories to share specifically of fan-producer interaction or other ways in which fans tried to get their reactions or suggestions heard by the studios?

For instance, apparently there was a script involving gay characters (Kirk's nephew?) that got rejected by the studio, and which eventually got made into a fan-made episode; what was the initial fan reaction like to discovering the rejection, and how did they try to get this reaction known to the studios, if at all? What was their response like?

And any related incidents - fandom reactions to things like Kirk and Uhura's kiss, or Spock's death at the end of Wrath of Khan; petitions to keep the show going or re-aired, network reaction, if any, to fanzines and other fanworks including slash, and so on.

Thanks a lot!

Prompt me

I am in an vidding mood.

This is a problem since I have no idea what to do. And I see nothing saying otherwise about making a post like this. Sooooo.

GIVE ME SONG IDEAS PLEASE? They can be cracktastically horrid. I don't even care. I'll do it if I can get the song. Just keep in mind all I have to work with footage wise is the newest Star Trek movie. So if you wanna throw in a pairing or character along with a song(GOFORIT). Yeah. Only characters from the movie. Also my attention span. It's short. So uh. Depending on how much fun I'm having it may end up being anywhere from idk 30 seconds of the song to the full song.

So I'm gonna throw in the links here after I make them.
Also I put a prompt post up at st_reboot So uh. If there's random ones popping up not on the prompt list here.... yeah.

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