March 28th, 2010

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Sup glorious Imperials. As we all know from our forced and agonizer-filled studies of Everett's Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, there are an endless number of alternate universes out there, directly parallel to our own, populated by our twisted and horrifying counterparts. IN SOME OF THEM WE ARE NOT EVEN EVIL, PEOPLE.

Anyway, being evil myself, I like to wonder sometimes what parts our EQMF crew would play in certain universes. This has been done before with Dog Trek and Food Trek, but I think it's time to head into a universe even more terrifying than our own...

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so i know we've all heard about seth rogen trying to lay one on captain fine, (so sure, it was a joke but you know he totally wished it was a true story...) but i just came across this pic while i was... idek... not doing my uni work like i'm supposed to be?


i hadn't seen it so i thought i'd share the love.


KUUUUUUU sighting at my friends work today. which means he's back in kiwi land. she text me saying 'the doctor from trek is here right now' to which i freak out and curse the fact i am also at work. she works at a gourmet burger place, and said she talked to him for ages not knowing who he was (FOR SHAME.) and apparently he was with his kids. (AWWWWW). 

one of the guys who works there said after he left that they had his dribble. we have agreed cloning is necessary.


keep calm and run

Walk for Wishes


I have a great plan, everyone. By participating in projects like fundraising and relays, we can infiltrate all these organizations that do good... and change them from within so that they serve the will of the Empire.

Good idea, Y/Y? I know many of you have already participated in such efforts in the past. I have begun my own infiltration in the Walk for Wishes event, which is a walk around the Detroit Zoo to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. I've joined the team (Team Cams) of a classmate of mine, whose brother was diagnosed with INAD several years ago. What better way to serve the Empire by growing its ranks with children, amiright? I could use a little help with fundraising, however, and this is where I implore you, my fellow GQMFs servants of the Empire, to help. My page is here, if you find yourself in a position to help. I would be eternally grateful, and so will the children whose lives this amazing foundation works to brighten. I mean, the Empire will be pleased with your help. Yeah. Plus I will totally wear a symbol of GQMFery for the walk (I wore my science shirt during the 2009 Turkey Trot preceding America's Thanksgiving Day Parade!).

Along the lines of this post (but less mirror-like)...
I know I've seen several posts simiar to mine before, but all I can remember is the event for ADA (mostly because I still get mail from them, haha). Do we have any kind of master post for this type of thing and the community's other charitable contributions (other than the "projects" tag)? If not, do you think we have the demand for it? When I have a few bucks to spare I'd love to help with causes dear to this comm's amazing GQMFs, but I don't know where to look.