April 1st, 2010


In the Name of the Empire!

Because I am deeply obsessed with April Pinto Fools Day I was wondering what pranks evilness in the name of the Empire everyone had planned. Or even what everyone has had pulled on them. Sadly I must work most of the day and will merely be converting everything in my house into a minion of the Empire during my break, so let me live through your experiences please and thanks!

Jack Pinto and my camera obsessed cat asks that you forgive his baby mustache and safety pin lip ring

I include as my humble offering to our Overlords this joke ad for a device that may help everyone incapable of proper mustache growth. All hail the Empire!
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Chris Pine walks Noah, and we Pinto shippers doesn't need our tinhats anymore!!!

Chris Pine takes his co-star Zachary Quinto's dog Noah for a stroll around the neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon (March 31) in Los Angeles. Zach has been busy working with his production company, Before The Door, in New York for the last couple of weeks, leaving Chris to take care of the pooch back home.

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