April 3rd, 2010

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Birthday Beanies for BBZach

So, I'm sure plenty of you know that ZQ's birthday is on June 2nd. And I know that all of you know (in great detail, perhaps) about Zach's love of beanies, such as this one:

So here's my idea:

I think that everyone on this comm who can crochet/knit/weave/sew/whatever should make Zachary one awesome, handmade beanie to send to him for his birthday this year. How amazing would it be for him to get this big box full of beanies in all shapes and colors and styles? PLUS MAYBE ONE DAY HE'LL BE WEARING ONE OF YOUR CREATIONS IN A WALKING POST AND HOW MASSIVELY GQ WOULD YOU FEEL THEN?

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I know we've got about two months until his birthday, but I know it'll take time to get this organized, not to mention the time it'll take to actually create and ship the hats, so I thought it'd be a good idea to go ahead and put the idea out there.

If you're interested, please comment here so that I can see about how many beanies we'll be dealing with. :D

EDIT: New developments! If you can't make a beanie, perhaps you can make a bandanna/kerchief for Noah! Also, several people think it would be nice to include some sort of charity donation in this, so we've come up with the possible idea of having everyone who makes a beanie/bandanna also donate a few things to their local animal shelter. You can take a picture of the things you donate and attach it to your beanie so that Zach will know. Does that sound good to everyone? I think it would be a nice gesture, and something Zach is likely to appreciate.

EDIT THE SECOND: I have created a separate community to keep track of this project so that I don't have to spam this comm or keep up with everything in the comments of this one post. Please visit zqmfbdayhats for continuing info and updates. Thanks!