April 18th, 2010

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"A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas" Details Revealed!

I just shared this with my chohorts over at choverlord but then I noticed we haven't had the DAILY JOHN CHO POST here yet. Unacceptable, clearly. And thus.

"A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas," the third installment of the noble stoner comedy that made the Choverlord famous, has been officially confirmed for release for December 2011 or 2012 (;_;). Both Cho and Kal Penn are signed on, and filming will begin this summer.

What follows are extremely mild spoilers for the storyline, such as it is (the source link has a lot more of them), but if you want to go into the theater TOTALLY PURE, then turn back now!

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I'm going to have to see this nonsense at the midnight showing opening day. BRB buying huge celebrity sunglasses due to shame.

Source: New York Magazine