April 21st, 2010


Star Trek Wins for the Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank Movie of the Year.

Hey mods! I have screwed up every prior attempt to post, so I decided I'm not allowed to try anymore, but this time I THINK I'm okay. If not j'apologizes; I will slink away meekly. HERE GOES:


Okay, so Team Trek got shafted at the Golden Globes, but here is an awesome award that they won last month: The Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank Movie of the Year.

image source (the last link in the link dump)

How rad is this thing, guys??? They actually sent it to JJ. I am still waiting to hear whether or not they got a response.

Background: Rooster Teeth is a machinima company that makes videos animated in Halo and other videogames (warning: really, really nerdy). The Drunk Tank is the podcast they put out once a week. You can download it for free on iTunes, Zune Marketplace, or via direct download from Rooster Teeth. #42 is the one that is Relevant to Our Interests. I tried to find the news post for the podcast where they announce the win, but it's disappeared and you have to be a member to access the other newspost. Hopefully the link works for you!
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K/S Article + Nimoy/Quinto interview

I just found this Newsweek article (from a year ago, just before the movie was released) about Kirk/Spock and how it brought about mainstream slash. But the article also included a video featuring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto talking about Spock. ADORABLE VIDEO IS ADORABLE!

Link for the video is here because I can't embed it, :(

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