April 23rd, 2010

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Open call for actors for Outdoor Star Trek project - Seattle

Please feel free to link this around to anyone who might be interested.

Hello Earth is a grass roots community enterprise formed with the intention of presenting free entertainment in outdoor spaces. Our current project is a play based on an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Needed: Actors to fill all roles, which will be cast without regard to the gender or race of the original series characters. We are not looking for impersonation. We are looking for creative people who want to be part of the process both on and off stage.

Auditions: Thursday, May 6th at 5 pm, Center House, 4th floor, Room G
Auditions will consist of cold readings.

Performances will take place on July 31 and August 1, 7, and 8 outside at Blanche Lavizzo Park. Rehearsals will be conducted twice a week starting at the end of May.

Please contact me, lettered, or helloearthseattle@gmail.com with any questions.
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It's that time of the week again: Friday!

So here is the weekly post where you GQMFs can post links to their own Star Trek-themed fan videos, art, fiction, crossover macros, and anything else that you feel best belongs right in here.

We recommend that you comment with a link to your journal/youtube/DeviantArt/etc, where we can all bust a gut laughing at your talent, as opposed to posting all the pictures/videos/etc in a single comment.

Punch pimp it!
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Design your own lamp: because you NEED an extreme macro lampshade.

You too can make your own Star Trek, Doctor Who, or whatever kind of lampshade you like with Lamp In a Box's custom shade creator!

So BBs, I found this really nifty website called "Lamp In a Box" where they have tons of gorgeous and some geeky shades. They have tons of the lampshades to choose from, as well as various lamp bases. They all fit together, so you can mix & match as you see fit. But what really caught my eye is that you can create your own custom shades!

CUSTOM SHADES that are the same price as their normal lampshades. You can upload your own images to put on a lamp! Decide how many images you want, the pattern of the images, position, etc. The ones I posted are just a FEW of the example shades I made. Now, the images have to be large and of a good quality, but the creator will let you know the quality of the images you've uploaded.

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Jennifer Morrison at the Opera

Jennifer Morrison and her boyfriend Capt. Robau Amaury Nolasco attended the Metropolitan Opera House's gala premiere of Gioachino Rossini's opera "Armida" last week. The event was sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent and Jennifer looked like an angel wearing a YSL dress from the 2009 ready to wear spring collection with handbag and shoes by the designer to match.

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I think I'm going to start identifying designers and perhaps runway originals for all the fashionista posts I make here. That cool with you ONTD?

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