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April 24th, 2010

Chooooooooverlord at Tribeca

Another picture of the JCho NYC excursion!

On his first day in NYC after the wrap of filming for this season's Flash Forward (April 21st) Choverlord stopped in at a TFF Filmmaker party at the SoHo Apple store. He looked a little jet lagged. John is a Tribeca All Access Juror this year (and the winner(s) they select get a $35,000 prize) so his trip to NYC is a little business and not all pleasure. But, apparently he still has plenty of time to play...

Meeee tooooo. Are you and ZQ watching this together?? Gawd I love the internet.

Humans vs. The Gorn part 2 in Monty Comics

I don't know how many of you get this comic strip in your newspapers, but this week Monty has had a week-long TOS story based on the most epic fight of all time.

Humankind vs. THE GORN Part 2 ahoy!

The rest of the stips...Collapse )
Saturday, what can I tell you about our Saturday adventures at Melbourne Supanova 2010? Apparently over 7,00 words, but this is the edited version that pertains to my ST adventures for the day and one Karl Urban. The relevant bits are below. There might even be some pictures!

Getting started, autographs and picturesCollapse )

Trading hall timeCollapse )

Karl's Q & ACollapse )

Trading hall fun again & Writer's talkCollapse )

Cocktail party shenanigansCollapse )

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