April 29th, 2010

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Can I get some -other trek- comm recs up in here?

Mods, I hope this is appropriate for here :).

I've noticed most of us gqmfs on ontd_st (and LJ in general) have some major TOS/XI love going around with plenty of great communities, including this one of course, to share the love. However TOS has gatewayed me into the other series and now I'm hungry for more, MORE, MOAR but I'm having a little difficulty finding live/active places to fangirl...

We get some awesome other trek posts and picspams here from time to time, but please, bbs! Share with me your favorite TNG/VOY/DS9/ENT comms for fic, art, icons, shippery, discussion, etc.
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zach quinto - scruffy smile

Zach to take part in screenplay reading at CU Film Fest on May 4

My screenplay 'Bright Side' was chosen as a 'Faculty Select' at this year's Columbia Film Festival. There will be a reading on May 4th of a selection from the screenplay. The reading will star Zachary Quinto ('Star Trek' and 'Heroes') and Noah Bean ('Damages'). A live webcast of the reading will also be available online if you go to http://www.cufilmfest.com.

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Details about the reading:
When - Tuesday, May 4, 6:00pm
Where - The McGraw-Hill Companies Theater, 1221 Sixth Avenue at 49th Street, NY
What - A ten-minute section of the script, followed by extracts from the other four chosen screenplays.

I can't see anywhere on the website about buying tickets or anything, but it could be worth going down there for any GQMFs in the area? It sounds pretty good!
ETA: What's the betting we break the live webcast feed? Lol.

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karl crotch

Play the Karl Urban game!

Epiphany: Karl Urban is the Kevin Bacon of genre films.

Pictured: trufax. Hosted on Photobucket so please don't hotlink.

This came to me when someone asked me, "Why do we fall, Bruce?" thus quoting Linus Roache in Batman Begins, which made my mind jump to Linus Roache playing The Purifier in Chronicles of Riddick with Karl Urban.

Then my friend tossed out Mike Mignola, thinking a comic book artist would stop me short, but Mike Mignola draws Hellboy, which has Doug Jones as Abe Sapien, and Doug Jones played a zombie alien in Doom with *drumroll* Karl Urban!

Leave your Sci-Fi/Fantasy actors in the comments and challenge other GQMFs to find the chain!
Bonus points if you can stay within genre for every step of the way. I haven't figured out a chain for Arnold Schwarzeneggar that doesn't veer out (Schwarzeneggar as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin with George Clooney, who was in Ocean's Eleven with Matt Damon who [sob] killed assassin!Karl in Bourne Supremacy, or Terminator 2 with Edward Furlong who was in American History X with Edward Norton who was in The Incredible Hulk with Liv Tyler who (poor thing) didn't get to share screen space with Karl in Lord of the Rings).


Which Celebrity Will Be the Next to Come Out?

Numerous people claim to have knowledge of who is the celebrity mystery gay rumored to come out on the May 5 cover of People. We break down the odds on these guesses after the jump.

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I'm really curious about this May 5th issue. After the Sandra Bullock major baby unveiling, who knows who will come out...
Although I'm pretty sure the celeb will be an athlete, probably not the person relevant to our interests, alas.