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May 2nd, 2010

Chris appears to be taking part in something called the E League (sorry, ignorant Brit here), playing for Orlando and on the same team as people like Adam Sandler and Zac Levi!

Info about the other teams here and I think you might be able to buy tickets here! I am still slightly confused about all this. :p

ETA: Ok so this is the direct link to buy tickets, but we don't know if his team got through the first round of playoffs yesterday, or if he's even on the team roster still as he didn't play in the last few games. Poor BB didn't even score anything in the games he did play either! Lol.
GQMFs, I have a challenge for you.

We all know that there were some awesome episodes and some shitty episodes of our beloved Trek. Some weird episodes with catladies, some good ones with giant pizza-brain-mommies, and some silly ones with stolen brains.

But what there never was was a perfect episode.
So, without further ado, I challenge you to go forth and concoct the most amazing episode you can think of. It can be silly, it can be serious, it can be slashy, it can be serendipitous. Fashion the most epic Trek adventure of all time out of your imaginations and your unremitted awesomeness.

Cairo Time, Alexander Siddig's Egypt-based romance, was one of the films featured at the recent Tribeca Film Festival. (Note: Was also featured at Doha Tribeca.) Photos of Alexander with costar Patricia Clarkson and Writer/director Ruba Nadda under the cut.

Why so dapper, Bashir? (+trailer)Collapse )

A Review of the film...Collapse )

I, um, need to see this movie.


"Zachary Quinto takes a sexy stroll"

"Zachary Quinto (and his sexy biceps) took a stroll with an unidentified male in New York’s West Village on Sunday, May 2nd. Quinto, wearing Ray Ban sunglasses, a black cap and faded jeans, will be appearing opposite Anna Faris in the upcoming comedy “What’s Your Number”, as well as reprising his role of Spock in the “Star Trek” sequel."

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